Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Update!

Hey Everyone!

I just updated the layout of my blog. It's cute isn't it? Hence, the website title...

I know it's been ages since I posted or been on Youtube. I've been busy with school and other things. Hopefully...I can manage to post some FOTDs and tutorials soon. I have a bunch of messages on youtube which I will answer eventually. So...No, I am not ignoring you... lol

Oh yeh...I'm going to the Mac Rose Romance event this weekend to get free makeup done. (I booked this about a month ago) YAY! =D Even though, I'm not really feeling for this collection. The blushes look pretty but are too sheer for my skintone. The eyeshadows aren't vibrant and just seem so dull looking and I think the only one that stands out is Silverthorn eyeshadow. It's a silver bluish colour. The lipsticks/lipglosses... I do already have similar shades but I might grab Magnetique lipglass. Of course, I won't get the Rose Fix+'s just Rose Water! lol So not worth getting! I don't buy full jar pigments unless I really, really, really LIKE IT! I'll just get samples of the new ones.

Anyways...hope you all have a great weekend. =)



Addictd2Fashn said...

missing you!!! :)
i knew it was school...cant wait till this semester's over!

GiGi said...

I just got back from Mac & only bought the blush becuz it was a rose. The rest is sooo blah. Wait until you smell the perfume, its mells like those rose/flower air fresheners.

naush said...

Yeah, I am going this sunday to the Diva..class, (some fancy SeniorArtist coming in to teach runway trends for spring/and show rose collection)I didn't like the rose collection its too sheer for me, im MUFE 128/nw35,42. Also,can you try the MUFE Mat Velvet foundation and what shade you think you would be, i heard great things about it,and it being better than the HD one. thanks HoustonTX

XINAR0X said...

Hey Naush! That's awesome!

The Matte Velvet is better than the HD but I tried to match myself but I couldn't find a decent match. I tried #60 it's ok but I find it to be a bit dark. I think I need to try out more shades maybe? I like the formula and it doesn't make me look so oily either. You should try it.

Nazra said...

Thanks for the website. I just hooked up by blog!!!!

naush said...

thanks. I think MAC needs to come out with a Bollywood themed collection! wouldn't that be funny..."Aishwariya Pink" "Masala Red" lol something besides the ManishArora one they did. Stila has that now kinda, they just have bindi like stickers on their summer bronze collection.

XINAR0X said...

Addictd2Fashn: Yeh...School sux but I kinda take it all year it sux more so my holidays r so SHORT! like 3 semesters per year lol

GiGi: I'm gonna chek out the collection during the weekend. I can tell it's not all that.

Nazra: Awesome! Looks very cute like you! lol ;)

Naush: Yeh the Manish Arora was cool but it wasn't even sold at the stores here in Canada...people had to order it online to get it but they had it in stores in the Eastern side of this

LOL @Aishwariya Pink! Stila and Givenchy has those bindi stickers on their packaging. Looks cute and the Sephora brand had this orangey/white/red Moraccan packaging too for their LE palettes and makeup bags which looks very desi! ;) I think they still have those in the stores.

Sisa said...

Hey, I like the new layout and I am looking forward for the next tutorial!

Oh yeh school sucks, but I have holiday now till august 10, lol...

Cute Kitchen said...

Nice layout!!
btw, i follow ur blog..u r awesome!
Thanks 4 layout website address :)

Richa said...

Hey Girl !
The nail polish love and friendship is gorgeous !

Sanderlees said...

The CK polish was only $11!!! such a great deal compare to say... MAC lol

how was your RR make over?? post pictures soon!

I want to start a MUFE palette too.. although the refills are a GREAT deal.. i feel they are getting our money from the expensive empty palettes that only hold 10...

i also love the packaging of individuals that are already "depotted" =P

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