Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Sally Beauty Supply Store Nail Polish Haul! =D

After checking out the April flyer, I just had to go get ME some nail polishes from Sally's Beauty Supply Store. I know I already have a big collection....but who could resist this buy 2 and get 1 free nailpolish deal? lol

I really wanted to get China Glaze nail polishes with this deal. Since regular it's $6 but with the Sally membership card it's $ with this deal I paid $8 for 3 nailpolishes!

The Sally store I went to didn't have many of the colours I wanted. It did have a lot of variety but I had many of my favourite shades already.....hehe

For Audrey, Rich & Famous, V

Then I decided to try out some more Orly nail polishes. These are $6 each with the discount card and the same deal applies. $12 for 3 Orly nail polishes.

Country Club Khaki, Polo Princess, Passion Fruit

The Finger Paints nail polish brand is pretty good and is just as expensive as Orly. These are almost $7-8 regular and around $6 with the discount card.

I got these from the reduced section. These colours will be discontinued. Each one is $4.11 but the Sally lady said that if you buy one, you can get one free! AWESOME! I found 2 pretty colours to get. The reduced section was at the back of the store, you guys should check out the store entirely since it can be hard to find or simply ask someone.

These were 2 for $4.11 Cdn.
Pyschedulic Pop, Pretty as a Picture

Remember, you can mix and match these brands. They have nail art nailpolishes with those long thin brush handles too. Go to Sallys NOW!

The pictures below are some nail polishes (from my collection) you can find at Sallys.

The Sally Girl nail polishes are only $1 something. Drawback: Looks cute but too small!


Nazra said...

ooooooo I love "For Audrey"!!! Also, I think I'm gonna stick to UDPP instead of TFSI. Thanks for the help!

resham said...

nice collection..

Sanderlees said...

omg i hauled china glazes from Salley's yesterday... i have one dif colour on each nail lol i should take pics before i remove them =P

eternal.happiness said...

Where's Sally's located?

Shirley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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