Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kal Penn Left "House" for the "White House"

So I don't really talk about my TV show addiction on my blog so much but I couldn't resist this one. I was so shocked to see Kal Penn getting killed off "House" (one of my favourite TV shows). You may know him better from his awesome movies like The Namesake, Harold and Kumar Goes to White Castle and Harold and Kumar 2 Escape from Guantanamo Bay. He actually commited suicide in the recent "House" episode but they didn't really show his face just a vague scene of a dead male body. That's how he "left" the show. :( *Tear* I will miss him. I was so crushed and didn't want him to leave. He is a very talented actor! I can never get enough of him. Did I mention that he's quite adorable as well? I know you gurlies find him cute! ;)

It's great to see South Asians acting in American TV Shows and the diversity is truly amazing. He's one of my favourite and I loved him in the Harold and Kumar movie series. Omg! He was amazingly hilarious with his co-star John Cho. I loved those movies! His adventures reminded me of the time when I was in first year and me and my friend, Julie (who is Asian) walked through a strong winter storm during the night just to eat at McDonalds. I know McDonalds is nothing but we were really craving for it and it was like heaven when we actually entered the store. lol Even today we walk through downtown Toronto streets and walk from here to there and all across just to go to our favourite Thai restaurant "Green Onions". We even walk all the way across to the Mac Pro Store too. So you see...Make-up is our WEED! lol Somedays, we go through really crazy adventures and it reminds me of us being the female version of Harold and Kumar. Yes, we would make sweet love to a giant dazzleglass. JUST KIDDING! But you know what I mean... HAHA! Oh guys should check out the movie "American Desi" he was awesome in it even though he was just a side actor. I loved him there! =D

Anyways....back to Kal Penn...Even though I will miss him tremendously from this show and his movies, I'm really glad he is following his dreams of getting into politics and he has made such great progress too. It's an honour to work as the Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liason in the Barak Obama administration.*Tear* So proud of him! I hope he doesn't leave acting forever, although he said he's taking a break from acting for now.

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Hair Update: I made a hair consultation and I got thin caramel highlights on top of the dark blackish violet/red colour that I currently have. I'm happy to get highlights again although they are not the exact same...but this will do for now. I'll get my original hair colour back later on. I've been missing my highlights Yes, I'm just like that! I'll post pics later on.


Mish said...

I love Kal Penn... Everything about him is dreamy.. lol.. (my secret celeb crush)

kawaii619 said...

*gasp* He got killed off?! I haven't been keeping up with House, but that's sad =(

I actually did see Namesake and I LOVED it! Good movie for sure. Even if I'm not South Asian, the culture interests me and it's nice to see more diversity on TV. Do you like Parminder Nagra? I loved her on ER. =)

Anonymous said...

I was so shocked and upset too! I wish they would have off someone else. (ahem, Dr. Cuddy, ahem) I thought Namesake was amazing too.

Sisa said...

Oh I'm upset you made no look with that only-dark hair :-(

I heard from thios Kal Penn thing yesterday and I'm upset, too, lol.
Especially his TV-suicide, oh my gosh, Kutner is really the last person I considered doing that... Thirteen maybe, but not Kutner!
Argh! I liked the Kutner and Taub combo... I hope Taub a.k.a. Peter Jacobson will stay, he is my favorite, but I will really miss Kal Penn in House, it will be a really boring team without him, I think. :-(

Addictd2Fashn said...

I love him too! hes so funny! hes my cousins friends friend hahaha...well my cousin knows him...he was HILARIOUS in American Desi!!!

☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

I love him! Like...I'd marry him if I could. lol! Seriously :D

I was so heartbroken when he was killed off House. I complained the entire show and all night, into the next morning until my brother told me why he left the show. So now I think he's even more awesome...even though I won't seem him anymore *sigh*

XINAR0X said...

I know I will miss Kutner (Kal Penn) so much but glad he's following his dreams.

Mish: Kal is a cutie! ;)

Kawaii619: I know Parminder was in the show but I never really watched it. I heard she did well. I only liked her in Bend it like Beckham lol

I know they should have killed someone else off lol but yeh Kal just had to leave but its good it was for a good purpose. =)

I know...I've been real lazy about makeup these days. I was missing my dark hair so I just got some thin caramel highlights which I'm still not so happy about but it will do for now. =( I miss my old hair.

Addictd: WOW! That's so cool...I'd love to meet him oneday lol

Jacqueline: Yes, I will miss him big time! =(

Sisa said...

Hey Xina, where are you?

yeahyeahyeah said...

hey could you do i swatch of the Country Club Khaki ORLY nailpolish? thanks i advance!

Jaimie said...

I love that movie!!

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