Thursday, April 9, 2009

"I am a DazzleGlass Bimbo!" - Double Dazzle - Haul!

Yes, I am a TOTAL DazzleGlass Bimbo!
Yet another busy day but I still managed to go to the Mac Pro Store.
I saved up about 24 empties which allowed me to get 4 Free B2m items (6 empties each) and I chose 4 dazzleglasses. Of course, you would make the wiser choice and choose the product that has the most value, right?
A Dazzleglass of course.

I only paid for 2 of them and so in total I got 6 Dazzleglasses today!!!

Baby Sparks, Goldyrocks, Date Night, Steppin' Out, Extra Amps, Smile

I'm glad these babies came back! Some of the colours are limited and some are permanent. I don't know which ones are limited right now but I know Golyrocks, Utterly Posh and Stop Look are limited for sure. I can't remember the rest right now. I'm glad most of the colours are now permanent. I heard there will be some more limited edition dazzleglasses releasing in the summer along with the Euristocrats Collection.

I love the fact that dazzleglasses are not sticky and they don't feel like there's chunky glitter on your lips. The glitters are very finely milled.

I had Ms Fizz and Miss Dynamite from the past collections already.
Now they share a big family


I also bought the Line Filler Base since I read good reviews on it.
This product will be permanent.

Hair Update: I am really missing my old hair. The colour I chose to colour was much lighter than what I have right now. =( I don't know what's almost black now! Honestly, I look at my past hair pics and I miss it TREMENDOUSLY and I think I might try to lighten it soon. Probably tell the salon lady to put in some toned down highlights. I know it's damaging but I MISS it BADLY! =( *tear* I will do a hair consultation soon.


kae said...

pretty pretty colors! i really want smile.

Anonymous said...

DazzleGlass Bimbo!LOL
They are very pretty!love the them all!great dazzle haul sexxi girl!

Gemma said...

aww, the same thing happened when I went from brown with caramel highlights back to black. I hated going darker = ( and it went way dark and I looked goth. You can try shampooing with dish detergent (I know-kinda weird) to wash out some of the black and make it less harsh-it worked for me!!

Vanessa said...

OOH! I am loving the haul, I too love the Dazzleglasses and I wish they made 'em ALL permanent! I am glad they brought them back in addition to new ones! And I actually love the darker hair on you, I think it brings your amazing features out more! :)

bubblegarm said...

ow u lucky thing, i cant wait until this collection is out in the UK. :) I have baby sparks and love it - a must for me is goldy rocks!!

Sanderlees said...

Omg! I heard rumors of it releasing today, but they were already available yesterday?????? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm going after class in less than an hour!! Ahhhh! Great haul!!!! =D

MsEclectic said...

I have Date Night and i bloody LOVE it. Im eyeing up a few dazzleglasses myself. Cant wait until they are released in the UK. Utterly Posh sounds tempting :)

☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

:D I'm sooooooo excited to go get these today after work! I have no idea what I want...Goldyrocks for sure (maybe 2 of them because I know I'll use it like crazy) but other than that I have no idea. But yay! I saw your swatches on Specktra and now on here...I've been staring at them for several minutes. lol! I'm going to go stare some more now <3

RessaMakeup said...

great haul...i really live smile and steppin out. so are they permanent? i'm hearing different stories.

KiLLaCaM said...

loving the haul! such a great collection!

didn't realize the B2M for dazzleglasses! that's music to my ears :)

Celly | La Dolce Vita said...

Great haul.
I'mma save up for Smile.
Only one I really want, especially if they're making others permanent.

Addictd2Fashn said...

ahahaha AHH! i just dyed my hair light ash brown and it looks BLACK!!!! ugh i DNT KNOW i give up!

kawaii619 said...

Oh my WORD. Pretty colorssss

I have yet to experience the wonders of dazzleglass, great haul!

rayqueenbee said...

Great haul, I know Imma get one...Do you know if they will be permanent?

Whit said...

great haul girl!!!

pinkjavu said...

Hi hunny,

love these but i thought they were LE then how did u get them?

Vamp007 said...

nice haul dear ;)
haven't seen you on youtube for a while, i haven't update mine too...haha, so i decide to make a blog too, but it's not only beauty blog, it's a little bit of everything ;D

XINAR0X said...

Dazzleglasses are addictive!

Some are permanent and some are limited.

Limited ones are Goldyrocks, Stop!Look! and Utterly Posh.

They just released this collection recently. =D

The Mighty J said...

Hey what would you use Utterly Posh on? I picked it up but it washes me out on its own.

*~mad munky~* said...

i've never used dazzleglass (i know, shameful)....i think it's time to give them a go!


what's the primer like?

Glamorista said...

I want Baby Sparks!!

Caramel Diva said...

I love dazzleglasses!!!

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