Sunday, April 26, 2009

Collective Haul!

As I mentioned earlier...I was suppose to get make-up done at the Rose Romance Mac turned out to be SHIT! lol HORRIBLE! I went with my friend who booked an appointment as well. She ended up with the good MA and her MA took her time and did a great job. While mines only spent like 15minutes to do my makeup. I was so disqusted and angry that I never bothered to take any pics! She applied the tiniest amount of foundation and the eyeshadow was creasing by the time I left the Mac counter. I could have done a better job than what she did. I should have asked for the same MA who did my makeup last. She did a great job! Grrr.... Well...there's always next time!

Here's what I got from the Rose Romance Collection.

Mac Silverthorn Eyeshadow: This is a veluxe pearl so obviously I would love this for sure. This is similar to Electra eyeshadow (which I don't have) but more bluish.

Mac Magnetique Lipglass: A gorgeous pinkish purple colour but when applied on me, it appears more pink. It's not a colour that I already have.

Swatch Comparision

In this pic...I initially wore Faux (pinkish nude) lipstick for the day and then I starting playing with Magnetique lipglass so I took some pictures of how it may look like on me with full makeup on. I know it might not totally match the eyes...but whocares...I'm testing!

I wore Romping, Star Violet and Sketch eyeshadow. Then Eversun blush and MSF Duo Medium Dark highlight side.
I got these from the recent 15% off Sephora Sale.
Urban Decay Primer Potion: Despite the bad but pretty packaging...I missed this primer very much!
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel: I wanted something that's not greasy yet still moisturizing for the summer to wear under makeup. (I have combo skin type)

I got Nars Gilda Blush from Holt Renfrew. (This store is like Nordstorm) This is a gorgeous coral matte colour. Sephora doesn't carry all the shades either. If you can't find the shades you are looking for at Sephora...Check out The Bay or Holt Renfrew. Also, Taos and Crazed blush are supposely being discontinued but you can still order them online.

These are somethings I got from the recent Mac Warehouse Sale in Toronto. I got some more things but I forgot to take pictures of them all.

The Warm Eyes holiday eyeshadow palette.

Heatherette : Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
(I'm happy my Heatherette collection is growing!)
My SO FAR Mac Heatherette Collection!
I wish I had all the lipglosses and lipsticks too. =(
The packaging is just SO PRETTY! The best Mac packaging I have EVER SEEN and LOVED!
I got my Second BACKUP of Mac Gladiola Lipstick off Ebay! This is my absolute favourite fuschia pink lipstick. I love the matte finish of this too. I can't believe it's not in the permanent line. It's truly AMAZING! I never buy backup lipsticks ever but this one was a true exception. =p

A friend of mines from the US was able to grab me the rare Spiced Chocolate Quad (LE) from the CCO. I literally love this quad to bits and I really did regret not getting this palette when it first released. I finally have it! =D YAY!
Swatch Comparisions
*Note: Firespot eyeshadow is limited edition*


MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Hey girl, nice haul!!! Everytime I see hauls I want to go out and buy more makeup!!! LOL. Damn addiction!!!

kawaii619 said...

Nice haul! I took advantage of the 15% off sale at Sephora too hehe =P

Sisa said...

Hey, your hait color looks quite similar to mine now, lol.

The Rose Romance LE will be released on may 2 in Germany... first I thought I will get the whole collection, but the more swatches I got, the less items I wanted... now I might get only Silverthorn and Way to love e/s ...

Did you try out the Clinique moisturizer? Can you give me a feedback? I am also looking for something moisturizing for the summertime...

resham said...

lovely lovely haul...can ur US friend be my friend too....may be she could pick the spiced choc quad for me too....:)

MsEclectic said...

Fantastic Haul. Rose Romance fell a bit flat for me unfortunately. I honestly thought i was gonna get so much but i have heard that the colours are really sheer so forget that for my NC 37 skin !!!!

I was gonna get silverthorn but i have electra AND silver ring so no to that that. Will get the fix+ Rose and Magnetique l/g.... AND because you raved about it, last week i bought my first NARS blush in Torrid....i frigging LUUUUUURVE it.

pinkjavu said...

hey sexy,

so i like ur stuff, i think i might get lippies from this collection the glosses luk pretty awesome im soorrry u got the bad MA and woman y do u need sum1 else to make ur face up? u do such an awesome job urself, and ur hair looks great what did u do with it did u color it light again ?

Shadowy Lady said...

lol I also bought Silverthorn e/s and Magnetique l/g from RR. Great minds think alike :)

BabyJanny said...

omg what a bummer with the mua doing a shitty job :( it sucks that the same company (or store, even) has such a big difference in service.

i went and peeped the rose romance collection this weekend, didnt love anything at all! :S but i am SO jealous of that spiced chocolate quad, wish i got it, back when it came out too!

naush said...

they have tons of the three spiced collections at the cco here. i wasn't sure which quad to get, or to even get one at all, so confusing, they had heatherette too, i mean it seems that they would come in handy, don't know which ones i should invest in? Yes whenever I bought gladiola after you first introduced it on your blog, i wore it to a wedding and just big lashes, and got complements for pulling such a bright color off. thanks!

naush said...

forgot to ask, how and where do you use the beauty powder? it seems light for our skintones? highlighter maybe?

XINAR0X said...

MZ.CYN.DEZ - I know EH! Makeup is damn addictive and we can NEVER get enough! lol

kawaii619 - Sales are so hard to pass Sometimes I get annoyed of sales cuz they make us spend more money.

Sisa - I might change my hair colour later on. I miss the original one. lol If you have electra eyeshadow, I don't think you need this. It's just a tad blueish. The moisturizer is pretty good because it's considered a "gel" its great for combo and oily skintone and perfect for the summer. However, it doesn't have SPF...I heard the SPFs leaves white cast on the face but not sure and also they tend to be so oily as well. =( This is good though...gel like...and it was only $15Cdn. If I like it more...I'll buy the bigger version next time.

resham - Yes...I'll try to find it! ;)

MsEclectic - Yeh...You don't need silverthorn eyeshadow if you have electra. If you have FIX+ already then don't bother getting the rose one either lol...they just added some rose water in it..that's all! To me...magnetique lipgloss seems bold but I prefer bold lipsticks over's not a must have beware! Save up money for the summer collections!!!

pinkjavu - Hey! I like being pampered lol and I like when ppl put makeup on's FUN! learn different techniques at the sametime. =) I think I'm gonna buy some makeup forever makeup soon and I might get makeup done at the counter too since I'll be spending $55+ why not get it done free? ok so from Rose Romance...I don't think the lippies are all that's like LUSTREs and I'm sure you have similar colours. I think you should pass it lol....Just get the new Vivaglam lipstick (that's a must have)... JUST SAVE UP MONEY FOR THE SUMMER COLLECTIONS! Also my hair...I wanted a lighter colour so I went to this fobby salon since I knew it would be cheaper so they put in caramel highlights ($80CDN) still but I don't like it as much but yeh it's just lighter...I shall go to my old hair colour later on. =)

Shadowy Lady - Yeh I know what you ;)

BabyJanny - Yeh that MA was a bitch...I never liked her from the start and she always gave out these bad vibes...she's this young snobby looking girl too..I hate her! lol Yeh..rose romance is nothing can just pass on it! I love my spiced chocolate quad! =D

naush - OMG! I love gladiola lipstick SOO MUCH! It's ORGASMIC lol...jk!

The beauty powders the ones that don't have shimmer in it and it's like brown type you can apply it all over the face as well. The pink ones....I just use it along with my blushes. To be's not necessary and I don't even see it doing much either. I just love the packaging and I just had to get them. lol...If you just want one...get the Alpha Girl Heatherette. It does show up on me and I know it will on you. It's just very sheer and you can wear it along with your blush. It's not a highlight either.

You should get Spiced Chocolate quad! It's rare to find and it's like $60 on Ebay as well. People on makeupalley swap it with like 5 blushes and 4 lipsticks for one Spiced Chocolate Quad....insane!...that's how rare it is Get that!

ALSO, PLEASE Let me know which CCO they have spiced chocolate at? I have some friends who would love to know the location of this. Thanks!

Ressamakeup aka Clarissa said...

love the haul, I am pretty sad I didn't get the spiced choc. quad... wat was I thinkin?!?

The Mighty J said...

OMG who do I have sleep with to get to a MAC warehouse sale? I am jealous!

rosey said...

I'm glad to see your board updated I miss your tuts too. Ive been checking here daily. Please do a look with the choc quad. ((hugs))

.jackie.jaci. said...

Awesome haul! You gotta love Nars! You're soo lucky to get that quad! Most people are selling that for a wicked high price. ;)

Sisa said...

the Rose Romance LE was released a few days earlier - today!
Finally I only ordered Silverthorn, because I don't have any silverish color yet.
I decided to skip everything else from the LE, including Way to love l/s because I think it will look quite similar to Marquise D' and I don't need two of them, lol.

But instead I ordered 3 permanent l/s... Cosmo, Brave and Twig. I really loved the swatches you made of them a few months before.

Well, so I hope all these things will arrive this week, maybe saturday (we have a hiliday on friday.. hmpf)


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