Thursday, April 30, 2009

FOTD @ MakeUp ForEver & Haul

Hello AGAIN!

I decided to get makeup done again at the MakeUp ForEver counter at Sears Toronto Eaton Centresince I was pretty pissed off from my last makeup experience and I had plans on getting a sheer/medium foundation for the summer too. Since I was going to spend $50+ why not take advantage and get makeup done? Yes, I love getting pampered and I also had plans on going out too.

So this Sears - MUFE counter Eatons location is actually closing permanently in June/July and this was the ONLY place in Toronto that carried eyeshadow pan refills. The other place in Canada is in Montreal at the MUFE Pro Boutique store. I guess I'll have to order pans from there oneday. (I'm not going to the New York MUFE location anytime soon You can still buy MUFE eyeshadow palettes from some MUFE counters. I bought the 10 eyeshadow- palette today from The Bay counter at Eatons for $22. (The Bay is like Macys) I think that's the only counter that has them right now.

Anyways...back to my FOTD make-up...I wanted a bright gold-hot pinkish look with some purple and my MA came up with this. I think he did a great job! I love it and it's very colourful and it was new to me since I'm not really used to wearing such bold colours. The pics do not show up as vibrant and bold but it was VERY BOLD in me! lol

I can't remember everything the MA used for the face but for the eyes this is what I know...

#75 (Hot Pink)
#10 (Yellow Gold)
#92 (Purple)
MUFE Gel Eyeliner in Black
A Champagne shimmery powder for the inner corners and highlight

So I came back home and applied...
-Mac #7 Lashes
-Mac Hipness Blush
-Mac Other Worldly Blush
-Mac Flashmode Lustreglass

Here's what I got from MUFE Sears:
The eyeshadow colours were VERY LIMITED...most of the good ones were SOLD OUT and they were not getting anymore new shipments either. I know there are a couple of the famous #92 eyeshadow pans left. These are $13.50 Cdn hurry before it's all gone! If you go to The Bay...each full container eyeshadow is $18.50 Cdn.

I got #49, #160 and #34 Face and Body Foundation. This feel very cool against my skin and I actually love the smell of this. It goes on sheer and you can build it up as well. It's waterproof too. =) I think I got it for $41.50Cdn. They didn't have any palettes left and were all sold out. Then I went to The Bay @ Eatons MUFE counter.

Here's what I got from The Bay - Eatons - MUFE :
Since, they never had this at Sears...I really wanted it bad so I got this #75 Eyeshadow container one and I know you can even use this as a blush too. It's SUPER pigmented as well so you just need a very tiny bit and then blend it in with your blush brush. This was $18.50Cdn. I think Sephora sells them for $1-2 more.

I got this 10 eyeshadow palette for $22Cdn. It's not the best palette either and it's not as great as the Mac palettes. It has this foam type texture inside and it's not the magnetic types either. The pans just fit in. There's a 6 palette too for $14-15Cdn. There are two other palettes that have mirrors in them and are more bulky in texture but they are pricey as well. The trio eyeshadow palette is $18 and the quad is $17. That's just how the prices are. =S

I had 3 MUFE eyeshadows from before. MUFE eyeshadows are SUPER pigmented and they actually last such a long time. I always had problems with many matte eyeshadows and they always ended up fading. This reminds me of Mac's Newly Minted eyeshadow. I do love the colour but I friggin HATE the texture!!! I returned it after 3 attempts! It kept fading and creasing like crazy even with an eye base/primer.

MUFE eyeshadows work so well...It's JUST SO MAGICAL! ;)

Comparison Swatches:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Collective Haul!

As I mentioned earlier...I was suppose to get make-up done at the Rose Romance Mac turned out to be SHIT! lol HORRIBLE! I went with my friend who booked an appointment as well. She ended up with the good MA and her MA took her time and did a great job. While mines only spent like 15minutes to do my makeup. I was so disqusted and angry that I never bothered to take any pics! She applied the tiniest amount of foundation and the eyeshadow was creasing by the time I left the Mac counter. I could have done a better job than what she did. I should have asked for the same MA who did my makeup last. She did a great job! Grrr.... Well...there's always next time!

Here's what I got from the Rose Romance Collection.

Mac Silverthorn Eyeshadow: This is a veluxe pearl so obviously I would love this for sure. This is similar to Electra eyeshadow (which I don't have) but more bluish.

Mac Magnetique Lipglass: A gorgeous pinkish purple colour but when applied on me, it appears more pink. It's not a colour that I already have.

Swatch Comparision

In this pic...I initially wore Faux (pinkish nude) lipstick for the day and then I starting playing with Magnetique lipglass so I took some pictures of how it may look like on me with full makeup on. I know it might not totally match the eyes...but whocares...I'm testing!

I wore Romping, Star Violet and Sketch eyeshadow. Then Eversun blush and MSF Duo Medium Dark highlight side.
I got these from the recent 15% off Sephora Sale.
Urban Decay Primer Potion: Despite the bad but pretty packaging...I missed this primer very much!
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel: I wanted something that's not greasy yet still moisturizing for the summer to wear under makeup. (I have combo skin type)

I got Nars Gilda Blush from Holt Renfrew. (This store is like Nordstorm) This is a gorgeous coral matte colour. Sephora doesn't carry all the shades either. If you can't find the shades you are looking for at Sephora...Check out The Bay or Holt Renfrew. Also, Taos and Crazed blush are supposely being discontinued but you can still order them online.

These are somethings I got from the recent Mac Warehouse Sale in Toronto. I got some more things but I forgot to take pictures of them all.

The Warm Eyes holiday eyeshadow palette.

Heatherette : Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
(I'm happy my Heatherette collection is growing!)
My SO FAR Mac Heatherette Collection!
I wish I had all the lipglosses and lipsticks too. =(
The packaging is just SO PRETTY! The best Mac packaging I have EVER SEEN and LOVED!
I got my Second BACKUP of Mac Gladiola Lipstick off Ebay! This is my absolute favourite fuschia pink lipstick. I love the matte finish of this too. I can't believe it's not in the permanent line. It's truly AMAZING! I never buy backup lipsticks ever but this one was a true exception. =p

A friend of mines from the US was able to grab me the rare Spiced Chocolate Quad (LE) from the CCO. I literally love this quad to bits and I really did regret not getting this palette when it first released. I finally have it! =D YAY!
Swatch Comparisions
*Note: Firespot eyeshadow is limited edition*

Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Update!

Hey Everyone!

I just updated the layout of my blog. It's cute isn't it? Hence, the website title...

I know it's been ages since I posted or been on Youtube. I've been busy with school and other things. Hopefully...I can manage to post some FOTDs and tutorials soon. I have a bunch of messages on youtube which I will answer eventually. So...No, I am not ignoring you... lol

Oh yeh...I'm going to the Mac Rose Romance event this weekend to get free makeup done. (I booked this about a month ago) YAY! =D Even though, I'm not really feeling for this collection. The blushes look pretty but are too sheer for my skintone. The eyeshadows aren't vibrant and just seem so dull looking and I think the only one that stands out is Silverthorn eyeshadow. It's a silver bluish colour. The lipsticks/lipglosses... I do already have similar shades but I might grab Magnetique lipglass. Of course, I won't get the Rose Fix+'s just Rose Water! lol So not worth getting! I don't buy full jar pigments unless I really, really, really LIKE IT! I'll just get samples of the new ones.

Anyways...hope you all have a great weekend. =)


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kal Penn Left "House" for the "White House"

So I don't really talk about my TV show addiction on my blog so much but I couldn't resist this one. I was so shocked to see Kal Penn getting killed off "House" (one of my favourite TV shows). You may know him better from his awesome movies like The Namesake, Harold and Kumar Goes to White Castle and Harold and Kumar 2 Escape from Guantanamo Bay. He actually commited suicide in the recent "House" episode but they didn't really show his face just a vague scene of a dead male body. That's how he "left" the show. :( *Tear* I will miss him. I was so crushed and didn't want him to leave. He is a very talented actor! I can never get enough of him. Did I mention that he's quite adorable as well? I know you gurlies find him cute! ;)

It's great to see South Asians acting in American TV Shows and the diversity is truly amazing. He's one of my favourite and I loved him in the Harold and Kumar movie series. Omg! He was amazingly hilarious with his co-star John Cho. I loved those movies! His adventures reminded me of the time when I was in first year and me and my friend, Julie (who is Asian) walked through a strong winter storm during the night just to eat at McDonalds. I know McDonalds is nothing but we were really craving for it and it was like heaven when we actually entered the store. lol Even today we walk through downtown Toronto streets and walk from here to there and all across just to go to our favourite Thai restaurant "Green Onions". We even walk all the way across to the Mac Pro Store too. So you see...Make-up is our WEED! lol Somedays, we go through really crazy adventures and it reminds me of us being the female version of Harold and Kumar. Yes, we would make sweet love to a giant dazzleglass. JUST KIDDING! But you know what I mean... HAHA! Oh guys should check out the movie "American Desi" he was awesome in it even though he was just a side actor. I loved him there! =D

Anyways....back to Kal Penn...Even though I will miss him tremendously from this show and his movies, I'm really glad he is following his dreams of getting into politics and he has made such great progress too. It's an honour to work as the Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liason in the Barak Obama administration.*Tear* So proud of him! I hope he doesn't leave acting forever, although he said he's taking a break from acting for now.

Click Here for More Details!

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The Namesake

Hair Update: I made a hair consultation and I got thin caramel highlights on top of the dark blackish violet/red colour that I currently have. I'm happy to get highlights again although they are not the exact same...but this will do for now. I'll get my original hair colour back later on. I've been missing my highlights Yes, I'm just like that! I'll post pics later on.

"I am a DazzleGlass Bimbo!" - Double Dazzle - Haul!

Yes, I am a TOTAL DazzleGlass Bimbo!
Yet another busy day but I still managed to go to the Mac Pro Store.
I saved up about 24 empties which allowed me to get 4 Free B2m items (6 empties each) and I chose 4 dazzleglasses. Of course, you would make the wiser choice and choose the product that has the most value, right?
A Dazzleglass of course.

I only paid for 2 of them and so in total I got 6 Dazzleglasses today!!!

Baby Sparks, Goldyrocks, Date Night, Steppin' Out, Extra Amps, Smile

I'm glad these babies came back! Some of the colours are limited and some are permanent. I don't know which ones are limited right now but I know Golyrocks, Utterly Posh and Stop Look are limited for sure. I can't remember the rest right now. I'm glad most of the colours are now permanent. I heard there will be some more limited edition dazzleglasses releasing in the summer along with the Euristocrats Collection.

I love the fact that dazzleglasses are not sticky and they don't feel like there's chunky glitter on your lips. The glitters are very finely milled.

I had Ms Fizz and Miss Dynamite from the past collections already.
Now they share a big family


I also bought the Line Filler Base since I read good reviews on it.
This product will be permanent.

Hair Update: I am really missing my old hair. The colour I chose to colour was much lighter than what I have right now. =( I don't know what's almost black now! Honestly, I look at my past hair pics and I miss it TREMENDOUSLY and I think I might try to lighten it soon. Probably tell the salon lady to put in some toned down highlights. I know it's damaging but I MISS it BADLY! =( *tear* I will do a hair consultation soon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Dark Hair!

I coloured my hair a very dark violet dark it looks black. I wanted a change but it went too Anyways, I'm missing my old hair now. =(
I guess I'll just colour my hair again in 2-3months or so when it gets faded.

My Sally Beauty Supply Store Nail Polish Haul! =D

After checking out the April flyer, I just had to go get ME some nail polishes from Sally's Beauty Supply Store. I know I already have a big collection....but who could resist this buy 2 and get 1 free nailpolish deal? lol

I really wanted to get China Glaze nail polishes with this deal. Since regular it's $6 but with the Sally membership card it's $ with this deal I paid $8 for 3 nailpolishes!

The Sally store I went to didn't have many of the colours I wanted. It did have a lot of variety but I had many of my favourite shades already.....hehe

For Audrey, Rich & Famous, V

Then I decided to try out some more Orly nail polishes. These are $6 each with the discount card and the same deal applies. $12 for 3 Orly nail polishes.

Country Club Khaki, Polo Princess, Passion Fruit

The Finger Paints nail polish brand is pretty good and is just as expensive as Orly. These are almost $7-8 regular and around $6 with the discount card.

I got these from the reduced section. These colours will be discontinued. Each one is $4.11 but the Sally lady said that if you buy one, you can get one free! AWESOME! I found 2 pretty colours to get. The reduced section was at the back of the store, you guys should check out the store entirely since it can be hard to find or simply ask someone.

These were 2 for $4.11 Cdn.
Pyschedulic Pop, Pretty as a Picture

Remember, you can mix and match these brands. They have nail art nailpolishes with those long thin brush handles too. Go to Sallys NOW!

The pictures below are some nail polishes (from my collection) you can find at Sallys.

The Sally Girl nail polishes are only $1 something. Drawback: Looks cute but too small!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009



I was checking out the new April flyer of Sally Beauty Supply Store today and saw some great deals going on right now.



This is my favourite deal ever!
Check Out the AWESOME NAIL POLISH SALE that's at SALLY'S Right Now!
Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

You can choose from brands like:
China Glaze
Sally Girl
So Easy Stripe Rite
(For Nail Art - with thin pointy brush)
Nina Ultra Pro

You can even mix and match the nail polishes too.
There's much variety of shades to pick from at Sallys.

The Sally Girl Nail Polishes are super cute too. Maybe for $1 something each.

TIP: You should now take advantage of your Sally Discount Card when buying
China Glaze nail polishes.

These are regular $6 Cdn each but only $4 Cdn each with the Sally discount card.

I can get 3 China Glaze nail polishes for only $8!!!

Remember BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!

This sale is for the month of April so remember to grab all your favourite nailpolishes first before it's gone. =(

I'll be going there tomorrow for sure. YAY!

(Sally Discount Cards are $5 per year)

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