Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Trip Downtown......Another Haul?

My Mac Pro Store downtown already released the Grand Duo Mineralize Blushes YAY!!!
Half Blush and Half MSF!

Last year, Mac launched mineralized blushes with just one solid colour. I grabbed Merrily and Gleeful and I love them both! Many of the colours from that line were limited and I do regret not getting them. In this new launch, I only grabbed two of these blushes since I had blushes with similar shades and I limited myself since these are quite expensive $27.00 CDN! WHOA! But I may go back and grab another I'm not sure if these are permanent or limited.

All the colours are very pretty. The solid colour blush side are quite pigmented and the marblelized sides will give you a beautiful highlighting glow to your cheeks. You can use each side seperately or mix it during the application. Remember....these are VERY SHIMMERY!

Light Over Dark: Orange Yellow / Deep Brown
- This would give a pretty glow to your cheeks!

Moon River: Blue Pink / Pale Yellow
- This is pretty but too light on me. The colour did not show it just gave a lil highlight. This is meant for very pale skin so I wouldn't get it if you have my type of skintone.

Grand Duo: Copper Pink / Plum
- I didn't get this one but I may go back. It's such a pretty colour but the solid colour side seemed similar to Nars Crazed blush which I had already. Just Gorgeous!

Earth to Earth: Purple Bronze / Yellow Brown
- This would give your cheeks a pretty golden glow. I may go back to grab this too.

Intenso: Pink Gold / Terracotta Rose
- This one's also gorgeous. I would have gotten this one if I didn't have similar blushes already. The solid blush colour reminded me of Merrily blush. You can use the colour side for your cheeks and the golden side to give your cheeks that glow.

Love Rock: Gold Violet / Bright Blue Pink
- I got this one and I loved the pink solid shade side. It's similar to Pleasantry blush which I don't have so I didn't mind getting it. The marblelized side gave a soft pink glow. This is my first blue pink Mac mineralized blush.

Hot Planet: Copper / Mid-tone Plum
- I also got this one too. A gorgeous colour! I didn't have a similar blush colour like this. One side was solid plumy colour and the other side was golden so it can give my cheeks that glow I want.

My Favourite Ones:
Love Rock, Hot Planet, Grand Duo, Intenso, Earth to Earth

If you just want one blush....try to choose the one that has a golden marblelized side so you can get those pretty golden glowing cheeks with some colour! =)

Mac Hot Planet Mineralize Blush

Mac Love Rock Mineralize Blush

Now I feel like going back and getting Earth to Earth and Grand or no....I should just wait for those two new MSFs coming out this month from the Mac Sugar Sweet Collection.

The other things I got:

Mac Juiced Eyeshadow: Muted golden orange flecked with pink shimmer (velvet)

Mac 150 Powder Brush

Mac Pink Plaid Lipstick: Dirty blue-pink (Matte)
I returned 'Please Me' lipstick and got this one. I prefer it more and it seems more pink and not too light.

This was a pricey one and I always wanted a Christian Dior Ultra-Gloss Reflect lipgloss. This is my first one ever! This is meant to be worn on top of a lipstick since it is sheer. This isn't sticky either and the texture reminded me of Mac's lustreglasses.

I got it in #257 Organdi Pink...GORGEOUS!
I know...the lips were done sloppy :(
This is my first Nars lipgloss ever! This is the Nars Dolce Vita. It's a very pretty sheer dusty rose colour.
I absolutely love this nail polish colour. It's Sephora by OPI in METRO CHIC! I actually wanted to get Mac's On The Prowl Nailpolish from the Hello Kitty collection but that was totally sold out everywhere. This was the closest and it's just as pretty. I went to Sallys and Walmart too and they never had any greyish purplish shade either. Sephora and Trade Secrets was my final stop and I found my LOVE at Sephora! =D It was $13 Cdn but totally worth it!


lala said...

Great Hau!!! Thanks for the swatches as well. <333

ricquetta said...

thank goodness for you haul and swatches. Especially since your quite close to my skin tone. I will def be picking some of these!

ashpardesi said... plaid looks so yummy!love the swatches..thanks!!

jackieg02 said...

I can't wait to get my hands on these blushes! Your swatches look so great!

Fiza said...

thx for the swatches n i wonder if we got grand duo yet or not hmmm

Addictd2Fashn said...

pink plaid looks so good on you!!! & the Love Rock looks soo prettyy!!!
<3 pink haha

☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

The Mineralize blushes won't be out until Thursday at our counter but I can't wait for them. I want 2 of them...I forget which but i know what they look like. lol! And Juiced! I love that color! :D

RessaMakeup said...

wow thats amazing haul. I like how you mixed the swatched THANKS! I wonder if Eaton Centre MAC store has them? Take care.

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