Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sugarsweet Haul & Thoughts!

This collection really does open the doors for the spring season. I love the cupcakes inspired theme. It's just too cute! After seeing all the swatches online, I planned on getting Saint Germain lipstick and the Refined MSF. I did get those and I also got Cakeshop shadestick too. I didn't get the eyeshadows because I already have Stars N Rockets (repromoted - perm), Club (repromoted - perm), Warm Chill (this is a LE product too and it's similar to Aquavert but less green) and the rest of them seemed dupable to me. The only one that really stood out was Aquavert eyeshadow. It's really gorgeous. There's nothing similar to this shade from the permanent line. You should totally get this if you don't have a similar shade.

I thought that the Mac Saint Germain would be too pastel for me. I know in the pics they do appear quite light (I's just the flash that makes it seem more light). The MA told me to use a neutral lipliner first like a shade that's close to your natural lipliner. I used Mac's Creamola creamstick lipliner. Then applied the lipstick and then she suggested using a sheer light baby pink lipgloss. So I tried on "Just Desert" tri color lipgloss at the store. All of the tri color glosses are very sheer but I really like the packaging. I didn't any lipgloss today because I realized I could just B2M for it. I might go back just to get that. I applied a random clear lipgloss ontop in the pics below. As for the other lipsticks, Lollipop Lovin looks like a gorgeous colour but when applied it's just a super sheer pink glaze with green reflects in it. I didn't like it on me at all...I really hate the green in it so I passed on that one. Also, I never liked the other ones either.

You can also apply Mac's Petite Indulgence Creamsheen on top.
I just tried it today and it looks gorgeous.
Sorry for the messy pics! :(

I loved all the shadesticks in this collection. They applied so very smoothly and easily glided on and had great staying power like the paintpots. I don't think they will dry up that easily like the old shadesticks...I totally felt the difference. All the colours were very pretty too. I just got one called Cakeshop and it's described as a frosted light neutral beige. To me it looks a like a very light-frost minty green shade.

Here are some swatches with eyeshadows on top of this base.

Also, I got Refined MSF. I knew I was going to get this anyways. I absolutely love it! It's a light peachy gold shade.


Galaxxxy Girl said...

Your blog is lovely!!!;)

I love Saint Germain lipstick (L)


Addictd2Fashn said...

i thought st germain looked better w the gloss on top..funny how the pink plaid looks like the nouveau on

BabyJanny said...

oh my goodness :O the shadestick looks so good!! i also heard they are suposedly better than the older ones!

and btw, st germain looks hawt on u!

Makeupstuff4u said...

I love a good pink lipstick!!!Pretty!!

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