Monday, March 16, 2009

Reviving Hot Pink Lips!

This is Mac Pink Nouveau Lipstick by itself. (Satin) It's a blue based cotton candy pink colour. It does seem very bright and it may not always suit every skintone when worn alone. It was too bright for me when I wore it alone. It's great that it's permanent.

The best trick to make bright lipsticks suit your skintone better is by using a lipgloss and/or lipliner. Simply use a fuchsia/magenta pink lipliner to tone it down. I used Nyx Pinky lipliner in this pic. Mac's Magenta lipliner would be the best choice. I don't have it with me right now =( or else I could have posted another pic. I'll do it later once I get it back.

Just look at the difference it made! This is more wearable right?
This seems a bit similar to Mac's Gladiola lipstick which is limited edition from the Dame Edna Collection. Also, similar to Immodest Mattene lipstick but that's LE too. =( These should be a permanent colours. :( It's a beautiful blue-purple based fuschia colour. I can wear it without a lipliner.

Mac Pink Plaid lipstick is another light pink nudish a dull medium blue pink(Matte - Permanent) It's more toned down mauvey than Please Me lipstick. You can always tone it down with a sheer lipgloss. Since it's matte, remember to moisturize your lips first.

Mac's Impassioned lipstick is a super bold and bright, fluorescent pink without any hint of fuchsia. It's amplified texture so it glides on very creamy and opaque. Other recommendations are Chatterbox, Girl About Town and Show Orchid. Impassioned lipstick will be repromoted in Mac's upcoming Colour Ready Collection along with Show Orchid lipstick.
Here is a picture I digged up from last year. I can't remember what I'm wearing exactly.
Eyes: Phloof, Sushi Flower and Cranberry. Of course, I'm wearing Impassioned lipstick here. SUPER BOLD! SUPER BRIGHT!

Here are some other bright lipsticks from my collection.

Immodest, Gladiola, Up the Amp, Impassioned, Fusion Pink

I'll add more lipstick swatch pictures later on.


Addictd2Fashn said...

love this post ! :) love pinks as you know!

Celly<3 said...

Awesome post!
Glad you make great swatches and we're similar in skintone - I always look to these when purchasing items.

Le Midget said...

I like Impassioned! So pretty.

pinkjavu said...

OMG! i love this look its sooo pink and u knw i love pink hehe it luks really nice gawjuss wink wink ;)

celie said...

My favorite is Impassioned ! It's really pretty on your lips.
I have Girl About Town and it's a great color but I can't wear it everyday (too pink !!).

Nazra said...

Dang girl... now I gotta get Impassioned. Love it!

Addictd2Fashn said...

did you put anything to neutralize your lips as a base before putting any of these on???

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