Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Mini Review: Mac's Refined MSF

Yesterday, Mac released the Sugarsweet collection. It included two new shades of mineralized skinfinishes called Perfect Topping and Refined. Perfect Topping had pink tones to it while Refined had peachy warm tones to it.


My favourite product from this collection is the Refined MSF. really is!!! I loved it from the first time I had seen the swatches online and I knew I would definitely get it.

The shade can be compared to Mac's Soft and Gentle blush but this is warmer and doesn't have frosty chunky glitter in it. This MSF is actually good for people who tend to stay away from glittery products due to having large pores (Glitter makes pores appear larger). It's very finely milled with the perfect amount of shimmer and goes on very smoothly.

Swatch Comparisions
Refined, Soft and Gentle, New Vegas, Warmed, Msf Duo - Medium Dark (shimmer side)

Many had said that it would be too light and it wouldn't show up on my type of skintone. This is NOT true! I really liked how it illuminated my cheeks and gave me a pretty glow. You can easily increase the intensity of this. After applying your blush, spray Mac's Fix+ all over your face first (Note: Spraying Fix+ to face results in a dewy look). Wait until your face is semi dry and then start applying the msf. Another method is you can first have some msf on the brush and then mist the brush with Fix+ and apply it in that way too. Since it's not as frosty/chunky you can easily use it in the inner eye corners and eye highlighting areas too.

I know I don't look so great in the pic below lol...I actually did my makup at around 1pm, then had a crazy tiring long day and then I reapplied some blush/msf/lipstick at 10pm for the swatch pics. I just wanted to quickly post the intensity of this msf.

I look tired and please excuse the wild hair! lol

I guess the only drawback of this is the price and that it's limited edition. It's still a unique msf and I don't think Mac has ever released such a msf with this kind of formula. I LOVE IT!


Janet said...

You look great with those colors.. I Guess i need to buy one too.. But I dont know when this collection comes here in Holland :(

And the wild hair is cool!! ;)

ashpardesi said...

hey thanks for the swatches!!did you compare the refined MSF to MSF medium dark natural(NOT the shimmer side,I am talking abt the powder side)?i saw a swatch in specktra,both side by side,and they looked the same,same texture and stuff..Probably i shld get the one with more gold veining

Addictd2Fashn said...

shut up!!! you look so hot and as always i am like oooo ahhhh shes so gorgeous!!!

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Girl after reading how much you liked this MSF i went to check it out and I purchased it. I absolutely love it!! Its the perfect shade for even all over color...especially for the summer!!! Thanks for your review!!!

Roxy said...

I LOVE the refined MSF! I thought it wasn't good for my skin either (NC44) but the glow is SOO pretty! And you look gorgeous in that picture! What lipstick are you wearing?

Anonymous said...

very nice make-up but which lipstick do you have on your lips?

Sanderlees said...

WoW! What a great blog! how did i miss this??

Did you B2M for the trigloss? i didn't think one was able to, since they are more expensive than the regular lipglasses for B2M... hmm

Sanderlees said...

I love the pro store but had NO idea that you can B2M for other items otehr than lipglasses/lipsticks/eyeshadows! WTF! lol

yeah i'll be going to the mac warehouse sale

☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

This is the one that I want SO bad. And after seeing it on you I want it even more. I know we have totally different skintones but still lol! It's beautiful!

Sanderlees said...

omg.. my last exam is on the 24 and it would be nice and rewarding to get my make-up done on the 25th! yay! thnx for the info!

I will be at the sale first thing Friday morning and I will surely leave you a msg here on what's good at the sale... i've been to it on a saturday and a Sunday in the past.. and from what i've heard, every day is different! Why is your friend not taking you??? lol

for a quick idea tho:
all eye products - $9
all face -- $12
all lips $10

then there are the gift sets and misc. items..

quads i believe are $15

Anonymous said...

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