Monday, March 9, 2009

FreshLook Colorblends Contacts - Gray

I was requested to post a picture of the coloured contacts that I normally wear. I really like this brand because it blends into my natural eye colour very well.

These are called FreshLook Colorblends in Gray. I get the prescription ones from the Walmart Vision Center. One box contains three pairs of the same colour (you cannot choose three different colours). I can't remember the price but it's around $44ish Cdn. Good enough to wear 14x.

However, some local optical stores do sell non-prescription lenses too and they sell them in single pairs for around $20Cdn or in boxes.

These are just a few other colours available from this brand.
Hope this helped!


ashpardesi said...

Did you know we both use the same brand of contacts?lol..I am a contact lens freak been wearing them for more than a decade!I Liked the colours in fresh look that I got ALL the colours for some 240ish$ from sams club,an year supply..They say a pair of lens is good for 14 wears..but my vision does get blurry by the 10th wear,then I have to switch to another pair..but my fav gray contacts were the bauch&lomb pretty!

P.Sha said...

Yeah i'd like to recommend the grey ones as well. Grey are the ones which can be seen if you have really dark brown eyes. I didn't like the honey shade, it kinda makes your eyes orangish. I have tried most of them. There is one pair called blue saphire, it's really blue, and can be seen if you have dark brown eyes like me. Although my favo ones are the grey ones. The turqoise one is cool too =)

Samantha said...

I rock the green ones and they are so gorgeous!!everyone thinks they are my real eyes including myself lol:) Your contacts look stunning on you:)

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