Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Smokey Dark Blue Eyes - FOTD @ MAC & Haul

I did a little makeup shopping today and I even called in Mac in advance to book a makeup appointment because I'd be spending $50 anyways and I was in the mood to get makeup done by some I wanted dark blue smokey eyes and I found this face chart from their look books.


This look was from the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection but obviously the MA didn't use these shades and I wanted this look to be a lil toned town as well.

From what I remember here's what she used...
Blackground Paintpot (On lid)
Groundwork Paintpot (Right above lid area and below highlight)
Contrast Eyeshadow (On lid)
Prussian Eyeshadow (For smoking out & darkening/Lashline)
Jest Eyeshadow (Highlight/Inner Corners)
Prussian Powerpoint Eyeliner Pencil (Lashline)
Engraved Powerpoint Eyeliner Pencil (Waterline)
Penultimate Eyeliner (The Pen - As Eyeliner on Lid) - I loved how it glided and made the wing so easily...I really need to get this now but I heard it dries up quickly. =S Mixed feelings....
Zoomlash Mascara
#7 Lashes (LOVE THESE!)
Brun Eyeshadow (Eyebrows)

Studio Sculpt NC 42
Studio Finish NW 35 Concealer (This was too thickly put on and she should have mixed a little bit of NW 30 with it to lighten it looks dark)
Studio Fix Powder NC 43 - To Set ( I think )
Grand Duo Mineralize Blush

Cream O Spice Cremestick Liner
Velvet Teddy Lipstick
Revealing Lipglass (Very pretty...I might get this later on)

(then for the pics I reapplied Lust lipglass: 5 hours

* Overall, I liked this look very much and she did a great job except that she didn't use an eye primer and it started creasing in about 2 hours. I know Mac eye primers are not so great like UDPP or TFSI but it would have lasted for more than 2 hours for sure. Also, I didn't like how she put on concealer so thickly on me and then it made my lines under my eyes very visible and I looked like I had wrinkles. =( Boooo She should have put a little bit of NW 30 to lighten it up because it didn't brighten up my undereyes at all and it made me look more tired.

Then again...she still did a great job!

I didn't take any pictures when the makeup was fresh and so these were taken after 4-5 hours.
I look more oily because of the Studio Sculpt foundation (gives dewy look) and I didn't blot before taking well! I tried not posting the obvious creasing

Damn!...I'm so SHINY! lol

The Haul:
NYX products are 25% off now at Rexall so I got myself a lipliner in Rose.
Posh brushes are on sale again with $3 off the regular price. I got this lip retractable brush for only $1.00 SWEET! =D

I love #7 Mac Lashes....SO PRETTY! I shall take extra care of these babies!
I had to get my Mac Blacktrack old one is pretty finished and dried up. I might get the Pentiultimate eyeliner pen later on.
This is Mac's Viva Glam VI Special Edition Lipstick (lustre) endorsed by the singer Fergie.

I really like this lipstick's colour. It's like Mac's Brave lipstick with more pink in it.
So if Brave and Twig lipstick had babies....this is the result

I know my lip swatch pics don't really include lipliners on but remember it's always best to use a lipliner because it makes those pretty lips look complete!


BabyJanny said...

wow, that is beautiful! i SO have to get them to do my makeup next time i buy my foundation and concealer :D ur eyes are so purrrrty in this pic!

it does, however, suck that it creased! boo on that :(

☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

This is gorgeous on you! I love how she did the eyes...I swear, the girls at my MAC don't do makeup like that. Plus they all suck with foundation and concealer matching. I'm dreading going to get matched for some SF powder. Ugh...but the eyes...lovely!

ashpardesi said...

gr8 work by the mac MA,honestly the look is similar to the blue smokey eyes tut you did earlier(aishwarya rai inspired one)..and your version is prettier and more vibrant for the tip with st germain..i was actually doing the same with lavender whip..I wear 'up the amp' all over the lips and lavender whip in the middle to tone it down,it so much more day time wearble this way...

Sisa said...

Waaahooo those blue smokey eyes look so pretty!
I wonder if contrast looks nearly black on my eyes, and on yours, it's so blueish... or is it just caused by the flash? Hm

big hug

binish said...

you look hot :)
the blue looks so nice..

ashpardesi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
illysam said...

Looove the look! it is actually very similar to one of ur creations.
did u pay anything for ur make up to be done or u just have to make an appointement? I just moved to the US so am new to MAC thing :) although i got a lotta stuff from them.
Thanks for ur amazing blog.

Nazra said...

Looks great! I must do this look too. I should really try Viva Glam VI now. I have Viva Glam V and I love it.

Anonymous said...

are yiu kidding me? youre supposed to look oily/dark undereyes??? you look gorgeous girl!

Addictd2Fashn said...

wow this is so gorgeous!!! nice deep blue smokey look! i am contemplating actually getting different color eyeshadows now hahaha!

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