Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Way to Wear Mac's St. Germain Lipstick!

I just wanted to "remind" everyone that Mac's St. Germain lipstick shouldn't be put down so I know it's very pastel and it can be "too light" for us Women of Colour.

Here's another application method that can change your minds. Maybe a little? ;)

First apply a fuschia/magenta pink lipliner to lips.

Then apply a fuschia/magenta pink lipstick to entire lips. Use a lipbrush to blend.
(Example Lipsticks: Gladiola, Girl About Town, Show Orchid, Up The Amp, Immodest and so on...)

Apply St. Germain lipstick to the center of your top and bottom lips.
Do not take it too high or too low. Keep applying it to the same spot.

Since it is creamy you don't have to put so much. Use a lip brush to blend it out.
Apply lipgloss on top if desired. (I didn't)

This is the final result! It gives a pretty, brightening/fading effect to those lips.

You can use this same method with many light coloured lipsticks.

(Sorry, these pictures are not the best)

Hope this helps!



Superficialgirl said...

I think it looks amazing! Especially if your complexion is darker :)

binish said...

hey where did you get the POSH coupon from???

XINAR0X said...

A coupon isn't necessary....they will give you the discounted price anyways at Rexall because it's on sale.

Nazra said...

oh that's smart. Thanks!

I_heart_red said...

Looks really Nice..! :)

Mevish said...

the colour really suits you !! it looks gorjus :D

BySonia said...

Love this idea! I really want to know which MAC lipstick is on the far right in the pic? xo

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