Sunday, March 29, 2009

Satin Taupe & Sketch Smokey Eyes Make-Up Look (with Tutorial Video)


The Tutorial:

I wear gray contacts in Freshlook ColourBlends.

What I used:

Cetaphil Moisturizer
Smashbox Photofinish Light Oil Free (Testing a sample out...I love it!)
Mac Select Spf Liquid Foundation- NC 42/43
Mac Select Coverup Concealer - NW 35 & MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural - Medium Dark
Covergirl Loose Powder - Translucent Medium
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow - Eyebrows

Two Faced Shadow Insurance (Eye Primer)
NYX Black Bean Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil (Eye Base)
Mac Layin Low Paintpot (Eye Base)
Mac Satin Taupe Eyeshadow (Lid)
Mac Sketch Eyeshadow (Crease/Lashline)
Mac Beautymarked Eyeshadow (Outer V/Lashline)
Mac Warmed MSF (Highlight/Inner Corner)
Mac Blacktrack Fluidline
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil - Zero (Black)
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (Clear)
Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara (Black)
NYC Lashes 974

Mac Refined Golden Bronzer (Contour)
Cargo Rome Blush
Mac Refined MSF (Sugarsweet)

Annabelle Natural Rose Lipliner Pencil
Mac Viva Glam VI Special Edition Lipstick (NEW)

The Tutorial:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Teal-Parrot & Rose Gold Make-Up Look (with Tutorial Video)


The Tutorial:

What I used:

Cetaphil Moisturizer
Smashbox Photofinish Light Oil Free (Testing a sample out...I love it!)
Mac Select Spf Liquid Foundation- NC 42/43
Mac Select Coverup Concealer - NW 35 & MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural - Medium Dark
Covergirl Loose Powder - Translucent Medium
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow - Eyebrows

Two Faced Shadow Insurance (Eye Primer)
Mac Layin Low Paintpot (Eye Base)
Mac Parrot Eyeshadow (Inner Lid)
Mac Solar White Eyeshadow (Highlight)
Mac Rose Gold Pigment (Outter half of Lid)
Mac Blue Brown Pigment (Crease)
Mac Club Eyeshadow (Darken Crease)
Mac Contrast Eyeshadow (Bottom Lashline)
Mac Blacktrack Fluidline
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil - Zero (Black)
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (Clear)
Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara (Black)
NYC Lashes 974

Mac Blunt Blush (Contour)
Mac Desert Rose
Mac Other Worldly

Annabelle Demure Lipliner Pencil
Mac Lovechild Lipglass

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Way to Wear Mac's St. Germain Lipstick!

I just wanted to "remind" everyone that Mac's St. Germain lipstick shouldn't be put down so I know it's very pastel and it can be "too light" for us Women of Colour.

Here's another application method that can change your minds. Maybe a little? ;)

First apply a fuschia/magenta pink lipliner to lips.

Then apply a fuschia/magenta pink lipstick to entire lips. Use a lipbrush to blend.
(Example Lipsticks: Gladiola, Girl About Town, Show Orchid, Up The Amp, Immodest and so on...)

Apply St. Germain lipstick to the center of your top and bottom lips.
Do not take it too high or too low. Keep applying it to the same spot.

Since it is creamy you don't have to put so much. Use a lip brush to blend it out.
Apply lipgloss on top if desired. (I didn't)

This is the final result! It gives a pretty, brightening/fading effect to those lips.

You can use this same method with many light coloured lipsticks.

(Sorry, these pictures are not the best)

Hope this helps!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Smokey Dark Blue Eyes - FOTD @ MAC & Haul

I did a little makeup shopping today and I even called in Mac in advance to book a makeup appointment because I'd be spending $50 anyways and I was in the mood to get makeup done by some I wanted dark blue smokey eyes and I found this face chart from their look books.


This look was from the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection but obviously the MA didn't use these shades and I wanted this look to be a lil toned town as well.

From what I remember here's what she used...
Blackground Paintpot (On lid)
Groundwork Paintpot (Right above lid area and below highlight)
Contrast Eyeshadow (On lid)
Prussian Eyeshadow (For smoking out & darkening/Lashline)
Jest Eyeshadow (Highlight/Inner Corners)
Prussian Powerpoint Eyeliner Pencil (Lashline)
Engraved Powerpoint Eyeliner Pencil (Waterline)
Penultimate Eyeliner (The Pen - As Eyeliner on Lid) - I loved how it glided and made the wing so easily...I really need to get this now but I heard it dries up quickly. =S Mixed feelings....
Zoomlash Mascara
#7 Lashes (LOVE THESE!)
Brun Eyeshadow (Eyebrows)

Studio Sculpt NC 42
Studio Finish NW 35 Concealer (This was too thickly put on and she should have mixed a little bit of NW 30 with it to lighten it looks dark)
Studio Fix Powder NC 43 - To Set ( I think )
Grand Duo Mineralize Blush

Cream O Spice Cremestick Liner
Velvet Teddy Lipstick
Revealing Lipglass (Very pretty...I might get this later on)

(then for the pics I reapplied Lust lipglass: 5 hours

* Overall, I liked this look very much and she did a great job except that she didn't use an eye primer and it started creasing in about 2 hours. I know Mac eye primers are not so great like UDPP or TFSI but it would have lasted for more than 2 hours for sure. Also, I didn't like how she put on concealer so thickly on me and then it made my lines under my eyes very visible and I looked like I had wrinkles. =( Boooo She should have put a little bit of NW 30 to lighten it up because it didn't brighten up my undereyes at all and it made me look more tired.

Then again...she still did a great job!

I didn't take any pictures when the makeup was fresh and so these were taken after 4-5 hours.
I look more oily because of the Studio Sculpt foundation (gives dewy look) and I didn't blot before taking well! I tried not posting the obvious creasing

Damn!...I'm so SHINY! lol

The Haul:
NYX products are 25% off now at Rexall so I got myself a lipliner in Rose.
Posh brushes are on sale again with $3 off the regular price. I got this lip retractable brush for only $1.00 SWEET! =D

I love #7 Mac Lashes....SO PRETTY! I shall take extra care of these babies!
I had to get my Mac Blacktrack old one is pretty finished and dried up. I might get the Pentiultimate eyeliner pen later on.
This is Mac's Viva Glam VI Special Edition Lipstick (lustre) endorsed by the singer Fergie.

I really like this lipstick's colour. It's like Mac's Brave lipstick with more pink in it.
So if Brave and Twig lipstick had babies....this is the result

I know my lip swatch pics don't really include lipliners on but remember it's always best to use a lipliner because it makes those pretty lips look complete!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Mini Review: Mac's Refined MSF


Yesterday, Mac released the Sugarsweet collection. It included two new shades of mineralized skinfinishes called Perfect Topping and Refined. Perfect Topping had pink tones to it while Refined had peachy warm tones to it.


My favourite product from this collection is the Refined MSF. really is!!! I loved it from the first time I had seen the swatches online and I knew I would definitely get it.

The shade can be compared to Mac's Soft and Gentle blush but this is warmer and doesn't have frosty chunky glitter in it. This MSF is actually good for people who tend to stay away from glittery products due to having large pores (Glitter makes pores appear larger). It's very finely milled with the perfect amount of shimmer and goes on very smoothly.

Swatch Comparisions
Refined, Soft and Gentle, New Vegas, Warmed, Msf Duo - Medium Dark (shimmer side)

Many had said that it would be too light and it wouldn't show up on my type of skintone. This is NOT true! I really liked how it illuminated my cheeks and gave me a pretty glow. You can easily increase the intensity of this. After applying your blush, spray Mac's Fix+ all over your face first (Note: Spraying Fix+ to face results in a dewy look). Wait until your face is semi dry and then start applying the msf. Another method is you can first have some msf on the brush and then mist the brush with Fix+ and apply it in that way too. Since it's not as frosty/chunky you can easily use it in the inner eye corners and eye highlighting areas too.

I know I don't look so great in the pic below lol...I actually did my makup at around 1pm, then had a crazy tiring long day and then I reapplied some blush/msf/lipstick at 10pm for the swatch pics. I just wanted to quickly post the intensity of this msf.

I look tired and please excuse the wild hair! lol

I guess the only drawback of this is the price and that it's limited edition. It's still a unique msf and I don't think Mac has ever released such a msf with this kind of formula. I LOVE IT!

Sugarsweet Haul & Thoughts!

This collection really does open the doors for the spring season. I love the cupcakes inspired theme. It's just too cute! After seeing all the swatches online, I planned on getting Saint Germain lipstick and the Refined MSF. I did get those and I also got Cakeshop shadestick too. I didn't get the eyeshadows because I already have Stars N Rockets (repromoted - perm), Club (repromoted - perm), Warm Chill (this is a LE product too and it's similar to Aquavert but less green) and the rest of them seemed dupable to me. The only one that really stood out was Aquavert eyeshadow. It's really gorgeous. There's nothing similar to this shade from the permanent line. You should totally get this if you don't have a similar shade.

I thought that the Mac Saint Germain would be too pastel for me. I know in the pics they do appear quite light (I's just the flash that makes it seem more light). The MA told me to use a neutral lipliner first like a shade that's close to your natural lipliner. I used Mac's Creamola creamstick lipliner. Then applied the lipstick and then she suggested using a sheer light baby pink lipgloss. So I tried on "Just Desert" tri color lipgloss at the store. All of the tri color glosses are very sheer but I really like the packaging. I didn't any lipgloss today because I realized I could just B2M for it. I might go back just to get that. I applied a random clear lipgloss ontop in the pics below. As for the other lipsticks, Lollipop Lovin looks like a gorgeous colour but when applied it's just a super sheer pink glaze with green reflects in it. I didn't like it on me at all...I really hate the green in it so I passed on that one. Also, I never liked the other ones either.

You can also apply Mac's Petite Indulgence Creamsheen on top.
I just tried it today and it looks gorgeous.
Sorry for the messy pics! :(

I loved all the shadesticks in this collection. They applied so very smoothly and easily glided on and had great staying power like the paintpots. I don't think they will dry up that easily like the old shadesticks...I totally felt the difference. All the colours were very pretty too. I just got one called Cakeshop and it's described as a frosted light neutral beige. To me it looks a like a very light-frost minty green shade.

Here are some swatches with eyeshadows on top of this base.

Also, I got Refined MSF. I knew I was going to get this anyways. I absolutely love it! It's a light peachy gold shade.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Naked Pinkish Purplish FOTD

I didn't get to take good pics at all today. This was the also it was pretty windy (I kept squinting) when I "tried" to take pics.

What I used:
Cetaphil Face Moisturizer
I forgot to put on face primer today! lol
Mac Select Spf Liquid Foundation - NC 42/43
Mac Select Cover-Up Concealer - NW 35
MUFE - Full Cover Concealer #10
Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural - Medium Dark
Covergirl Loose Powder - Translucent Medium
Posh Eyebrow Kit

Two Faced Shadow Insurance (Eye Primer)
Mac Soft Ochre Paintpot (Eye Base)
Mac Naked Pigment (2/3rd Lid)
Mac Romping Eyeshadow : you can alternate with Fuschia pigment/Hepcat eyeshadow(HK palette (Outer Lid)
Mac Sketch Eyeshadow (To Darken the Crease)
Mac Carbon Eyeshadow (To Darken the Crease a bit more)
Mac Retrospeck Eyeshadow (Highlight)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil or any Black eyeliner (Black - Waterline)
Mac Blacktrack Fluidline
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Gel Mascara
Loreal Telescopic Black Carbon Mascara
Ardell Wispies

Mac Blunt Blush (Contour)
Cargo Rome Blush
Mac Soft and Gentle MSF

Mac Molte - Bene Lip Varnish

I wear grey contacts in FreshLooks Colourblends.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Coral - Peachy Lipstick & Lipgloss Recommendations

I was requested to do recommendations for coral-peachy lippies. So I decided to do it on my blog. Corals may be scary to wear but really it's not. If you feel that it doesn't suit you, then you can always warm it up with some lipgloss.

Here are some of the coral-peachy lippies that I have right now.

Mac Ravishing Lipstick, Shy Girl Lipstick, Kinda Sexy Lipstick, Missy Slimshine, Sockhop Lipglass (LE), Love Nectar Lustreglass

Mac Ravishing Cremesheen Lipstick
This is a gorgeous coral/peachy apricot colour. Since it is cremesheen texture, it goes on very creamy and moist while giving a bit of a glossy sheen. This doesn't have shimmer which I like. I mostly prefer "cream" formula over frosts.

Mac Missy Slimshine
This shade is a sheer version of Mac's Ravishing lipstick. I love the packaging of this. It does look like a bright orange colour but it's really a pretty coral peachy colour with a little bit of pink in it. This is more of a lipgloss than a lipstick and it doesn't really last for a long time either so I had to reapply it often...I know this will finish up faster.

Mac Shy Girl Cremesheen Lipstick
This is a nude peachy colour, a lighter version of Ravishing lipstick. It's a cremesheen so it will have a very creamy gliding texture. You can warm this shade up with a light bronzy/brown lipgloss. It looks gorgeous!

Mac Kinda Sexy Lipstick
This shade is another nude peachy pink colour. A slight darker than Shy Girl lipstick. It's a matte shade so you'd have to moisturize your lips prior to application. You can always tone down shades with lipliners/lip glosses. I love wearing it with Vivaglam V lipgloss, Dazzleglasses or Love Nectar lustreglass on top.

This is Kinda Sexy lipstick with Love Nectar lustraglass on top.
Some Other Coral - Peachy Lipstick/Lipgloss Recommendations:
(Some are Limited Edition)

Mac Lychee Luxe Lipglass
Mac Enchantress Lipglass
Mac Pink Lemonade Lipglass
Mac Live and Dye Liglass
Mac Splendid Lipglass
Mac Vegas Volt Lipstick
Mac Marquise 'D Lipstick
Mac Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass

Nars Giza Lipgloss
Nars Orgasm Lipgloss (Nude Peachy Pink)
Nars Blonde Venus Lipstick

Sephora Brand: Moroccan Sunrise Lip Gloss in Naked Peach
This is an exact dupe of Mac Sock Hop lipglass. Get it now since it's limited edition.

Dior Crème de Gloss - Coral Elixir 225

Reviving Hot Pink Lips!

This is Mac Pink Nouveau Lipstick by itself. (Satin) It's a blue based cotton candy pink colour. It does seem very bright and it may not always suit every skintone when worn alone. It was too bright for me when I wore it alone. It's great that it's permanent.

The best trick to make bright lipsticks suit your skintone better is by using a lipgloss and/or lipliner. Simply use a fuchsia/magenta pink lipliner to tone it down. I used Nyx Pinky lipliner in this pic. Mac's Magenta lipliner would be the best choice. I don't have it with me right now =( or else I could have posted another pic. I'll do it later once I get it back.

Just look at the difference it made! This is more wearable right?
This seems a bit similar to Mac's Gladiola lipstick which is limited edition from the Dame Edna Collection. Also, similar to Immodest Mattene lipstick but that's LE too. =( These should be a permanent colours. :( It's a beautiful blue-purple based fuschia colour. I can wear it without a lipliner.

Mac Pink Plaid lipstick is another light pink nudish a dull medium blue pink(Matte - Permanent) It's more toned down mauvey than Please Me lipstick. You can always tone it down with a sheer lipgloss. Since it's matte, remember to moisturize your lips first.

Mac's Impassioned lipstick is a super bold and bright, fluorescent pink without any hint of fuchsia. It's amplified texture so it glides on very creamy and opaque. Other recommendations are Chatterbox, Girl About Town and Show Orchid. Impassioned lipstick will be repromoted in Mac's upcoming Colour Ready Collection along with Show Orchid lipstick.
Here is a picture I digged up from last year. I can't remember what I'm wearing exactly.
Eyes: Phloof, Sushi Flower and Cranberry. Of course, I'm wearing Impassioned lipstick here. SUPER BOLD! SUPER BRIGHT!

Here are some other bright lipsticks from my collection.

Immodest, Gladiola, Up the Amp, Impassioned, Fusion Pink

I'll add more lipstick swatch pictures later on.

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