Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yesterday's Haul and Creamteam Lip Swatches!


Nars Laguna Bronzer: This wasn't muddy on me. It's really about blending it out well. You can add some golden shimmer on top too. Mac bronzers are also good....ex. Refined Gold

Mac's 226 Crease Brush. This was sold out at many stores.

The generous MA at Mac pro gave me Silver Fog and Deep Purple Mac pigment samples.
He's the best!!! :)

Cobalt and Vibrant Grape Pro Eyeshadows!

The Swatches! :)

This is a staple of mines...Mac MSF Skinfinish Duo in Medium Dark! :) I love the shimmer side especially to get that golden glow.

I'm almost done my Select Spf liquid foundation so this was the best time to try out this new one out...Studio Sculpt Spf 15. I didn't wear it yet. I tested it on my hands and it has a gel type creamy consistency. It seems less yellow than the normal Studio Fix NC 42 and not as thick either. I heard this has medium texture and is buildable for heavier coverage if needed. It doesn't oxidize either and not too good for oily skin. So let's see how this works out for me.....

Mac's Angel lipstick was recomended to me by my friend. I was never a fan of frosty lipsticks but I was stunned by this one. It's a beautiful soft pink nude. I thought it would look weird or be too sheer on me or have this weird silverish frost to it. I hate silver reflected kind of lipsticks.

I always thought slimshines would never show up on my lips. I was surprised when I tried these out. I absolutely love Bare slimshine lipstick! It's like a light neutral pink with subtle gold pearl. It's isn't too sheer and gives this nice wet look with enough colour. Missy slimshine is gorgeous too! It's this beautiful creamy coral colour. One of my favourite coral lippies now. If you missed out on Heatherette's Sock Hop lipgloss, this would be a great alternative. Ultra Elegant slimshine is a toned down version.

This is Lavender Whip Creamsheen lipstick. Another pretty colour! It goes on very creamy and you can build the colour too. I thought I would never wear this kind of colour but this lavender shade is just too gorgeous! My store only had four left! WHOA! PRETTY DEMANDED EH!

I got these with Back 2 Mac. I had 12 empties so I got to choose two items. Either a lipgloss, lipstick or eyeshadow. I decided to make it worth it and so I took advantage and chose these since these were the most in value.

These are pretty sheer and I don't think it's really worth $21.50. It would be better just getting a normal Mac lipgloss. Even Dazzleglasses are much better than the Creamsheens Glasses.

I got Petite Indulgence. It was the one that had the most colour payoff on my lips and it had no shimmer, which is nice too. I got Melt In Your Mouth just to put on top of lipsticks for a tint/glaze.


The Mac MA gave me and my friend this as we were sweet of him! We didn't even go to the Pre Launch Event and still got ourselves a goodie! :)

The Haul Video:


MsEclectic said...

What an amazing haul !! i think you have sold me on the slimshines and angel lipstick. well ill have to pick them up nxt month as ive spent this months MAC budget(hehe i have a MAC budget ;) ) on a tidy little haul of my own !!! i bought a couple of things from BBR and the studio sculpt foundation and concealer which by the way i am completlty blown away by. its perfect for my dry skin and makes it radiant and youthful. i didnt go near the cremesheen glosses coz of the bad reviews.

Sisa said...

Nice haul!

I couldn't imagine that lavender whip would look good on anyone... but it does surprisingly!

Yeh and I'm in love with that new studio sculpt since last week... I have very dry skin but it works well and the coverage is very good. I'm really excited when you try it out, please tell me how you like it!

XINAR0X said...

Ms. Electric: I am loving these slimshines...I cant believe I discovered these so late! You should definitely get the Bare slimshine!! :)

Sisa: I'm liking the new foundation too but I didn't wear it for long hours yet. So I gotta experiment with it more too! :)

priya said...

nice haul! i myself got the studiosculpt foundation & is still experimenting with it. u gave me lemming for slimshines!

ritz said...

is that brush handle silver/steel on the 226?

Addictd2Fashn said...

i lovr angel now i didnt really wear it bc of my pigmented lips haha again..but it looks way better when i put concealer as a base..and i put NARS turkish delight on top...lovely! btw i just want a suggestion on the pink plaid as to what lipgloss to wear on top of looks like dry pepto bismol on my lips! haha idk if u got my email with my pics..

XINAR0X said...

Ritz: The handle is steel just like the other brushes.


Angel is one of my favourite!!!I got your email pics...such cute pics!!

I was wondering how is striptease compared to turkish delight you know?

Addictd2Fashn said...

yeah striptease doesnt have pink in it i think & turkish delight does..i actually prefer MAC lipglasses bc the Nars ones come off so fast and they move around too much haha

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