Monday, February 2, 2009

Rexall: Posh Brush Haul

Posh brushes are my next favourite after MAC brushes of course! lol
My local drugstore called Rexall Pharmacy was having a sale for $3.00 off Posh brushes.....amazing deal! They had more discounts as well on other products.

I honestly love the quality of these brushes! My store didn't have that much variety like how it is online but it wasn't bad either. I just wished they had more though....

At home, I had Posh's blush brush, the one with the white goat hair. (Dupe of Mac's 168). They also had that too. SUPER SOFT! I shall now find these Posh brushes a new home (glass jar)!

Price Examples
Posh Control Powder Brush : $13 Regular = $10.00 ( with $3 Off )
Posh Eyeshadow Brush: $5 Regular = $2.00 ( with $3 Off )
Posh Retractable Blush Brush: $6 Regular = $3.00 ( with $3 Off)
Posh Smudge Definer Eyeshadow Brush: $5 Regular = $2.00 ( with $3 Off)

This was also on discount for 20% off.....not bad EH!
I love this scrub sooo much....I keep it in the showers and on the sink too.


Sofee said...

I love posh brushes fave is the foundation brush

vanillasmush said...

For once I can say, I wish I was in Canada lol.

Sisa said...

Hey Beautyqueen!

I don't know if we have posh brushes in Europe... if not, I'll come to Canada tomorrow, LOL... just abput 12hrs flight... no problem, and you'll be my guide at Rexall, okay... ha ha ;-)

But it sounds very good! Maybe I'll have a look at eBay... I'm too avaricious to buy MAC brushes, but those posh brushes seem to be a nice alternative... Greetz!

ashpardesi said...

Great brushes..dont know were we can get posh brushes in US..they seem to be expensive on their website..heard essence of beauty brushes available in CVS pharmacy in US is the same as posh brushes,but i dont think they have a lot of variety of brushes.anywayz enjoy your goodies:)lucky gal!

XINAR0X said...

Ash: I think if you look around at Big Lots and all those grocery stores it will eventually come up.

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