Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Mac Eyeshadow / Pigment Collection

The highlights and golds/neutrals!
(I know....I know....I have many...but I love them all)
Many of my favourite highlights are limited edition. So I just had to buy a backup of one. My favourite all time highlight shadow is Solar White and Rose Blanc (LE)....both giving off a gold sheen. Solar White seems white in the pan but when you put it on it's simply MAGIC! It's like a sheer gold colour. Rose Blanc has more opacity in it but it gives off a gold sheen as well. Some of my favourites from the permanent line are Rice Paper and Nylon. Nylon is just super frosty while Rice paper is toned down and you can wear for any kind of look. Generally, those highlight eyeshadows that give off a gold sheen are great for almost every look.

Goldmine is another shadow that I cannot live without. It's my absolute favourite shadow! This is my second shadow actually. It's a must have in everybody's palette. Especially people of my skintone would love this colour. I hit pan badly on this shadow. lol I can easily get another one when this one finishes so no need to worry about backing this baby up! YAY! :)
Great thing about gold is that it goes well with every single colour. It has great combinations with purples to browns to greens and rocks every colour!
I love Amberlights, Cranberry and Coppering too! (YES, OUR DESI COLOURS)

I love Satin Taupe!!!!! OMG!! GORGEOUS! This colour also goes well with all colours too. It's great for in the crease and as a lid colour. It's in the permanent line so no need to worry!

I know tons and tons of brown/neutral shadows here. They all look alike but have different undertones too. If you just want to start off with neutral colours. For the lid I would recommend...
- Bamboo (Matte - No Shimmer)
- All That Glitters (Some Shimmer)

Then as crease colours...
-Saddle (My favourite), Cork, Soba, Wedge

To darken the crease/outer v more...
- Brown Down (My favourite), Swiss Chocolate, Expresso, Embark
- Haux is an interesting colour. It's a pink and brown shade!

These would create very soft neutral looks.

If you want to intensify it more....

Use lid colours like: All that glitters, Retrospeck, Rice paper, Woodwinked, Patina, Amberlights
Combinations with: Satin taupe, Romp, Mulch, Magnetic Fields(LE), or Twinks.

There are many combinations you can do. You just have to experiment and play around.

So obviously we need the typical black eyeshadow. Carbon is a great choice. Black Tied is good too but with shimmer in it. Henna and Sumptuous Olive are very similar so it's not necessary for you to get the limited edition version either.

It's nice to enter the world of colours too after experimenting with neutral shades. Many people tend to jump from neutral shades to greens/teals, purples and pinks first and then end with blue shades.

I love purple shades now. I am totally in love with all of them!!! My first purple was Nocturnelle and then I used Sketch shadow to darken. Sketch is like a deep dark burgundy plum colour. It's simply gorgeous. You can use it in neutral looks as well. I noticed people with my skintone and darker tend to like and wear purple shades a lot. I'm addicted to purples. I think I'll end up buying all Mac purple Since I'm finished with Teals...Purples are my next target! :D

How I entered the world of Mac Eyeshadows:

I started playing with Mac eyeshadows with the colour pink! I was never into neutrals just recently I started. I was very girly back in the days and still am! lol Yes! I loved PINK! So I started with wearing pink eyeshadows. I used to wear Pink Venus or Sushi Flower all over my lid with Phloof as a highlight. That was it! lol Then I entered combinations....I first tried combinations of Rice Paper with Sushi Flower and then darkening the crease with Cranberry. That was my first "combination eyeshadow look" I've ever done! Then I was intrigued by teal blue colours. I started buying the pretty colours from Mac's permanent line. I loved teal pigment too! OMG GORGEOUS!

Electric Eel is a very bold blue colour. I thought I would never wear this shade but I actually grew very fond of the celebrity Eve's C Shock look. It was called the Bang on Blue look. She had this look in her music video, "Tambourine." Her looks in this video were all from Mac's C Shock collection so it was pretty interesting. I bought Electric Eel and Bang on Blue (LE) because of her

Steamy and Shimmermoss are very alike. Only difference is Shimmermoss is more green.
The prettiest blues and teals are always limited edition. I tend to buy them always!
I love parrot eyeshadow! It my favourite but it's limited edition. :( I hope this shade gets repromoted again. It's very similar to Talent Pool which is also another LE.

Pigments are just amazing! I love Mac pigments very much. I never really bought an actual Mac pigment jar because I know I would never finish it. I'd rather just get or buy these Mac sample pigments from online or even those holiday sets.

Website Examples:

I guess if you search on google you can find some more sites too.

I would rather just go to the Mac store and simply ask for pigment samples. Some MAs are generous and some are super stingy. I even got rejected at this one place but later I found out that she got in trouble for rejecting customers. Good! She deserved it! :D Then last week, I had a very friendly MA helping me out with choosing some things but later when I asked for two pigment samples. She gave me the most tiniest amount EVER! OMG! It was so bad. As she was giving me and my friend the same ones...she explained how she couldn't give so much because people will sell these on Ebay. COME ON NOW? How Pathetic?? People would rather buy a pigment jar and then sell it off in samples to make profit...why go back to Mac to get ity bity samples. The amount she gave wasn't even enough for one eyelid. Can you imagine? It was horrible. I think I still have the container with it. I'll take a pic and post it up later. I will never ask for Mac pigments from that store again. The best place to go is the Mac Pro store. It's the best with many pigment varities and with generous MAs too.

I love these Metal Pro smooth when applied and super concentrated with a metallic finish. You don't even need a base for these. I'm missing the Silver/Platinum pigment rihgt now. I wonder where I put it? :S Hmmm...

I got these samples from the Pro Mac store as well.

Some of my favourite pigments are Teal, Violet, Melon, Goldmode, Jardin Aires, Cocomotion, Bell Bottom Blue, Heritage Rouge, Museum Bronze, Bue Brown, Old Gold, Fushcia, Sweet Sienna, Golden Olive, and Vanilla.
This link above is a great website that has many eyeshadow combination ideas. Check it out!

Oh yes...always remember to use an eye primer like Urban Decay Primer Potion or Two Faced Shadow Insurance. This will eliminate any oil from forming in your crease area and stop the colour from fading away. Use Mac paintpots as well as eye bases to make the colour stick more and make it vibrant.

I love mac eyeshadows very much because of their quality and how vibrant they are. Most of their shadows are very easy to blend and work with. The prices may be a tad high but I see it as an investment. These will last you forever.


jooLee said...

omg i was looking through your old pics - u look so different now!! and yes u came a LONG way!!

resham said...

nice collection.

jackieg02 said...

love your collection. I'm gonna have to go to the MAC store and pick up some you recommended!

ashpardesi said...

thanks a lot for the vid..It was very informative.All your pigment recommendation were awesome and suited me well.Even i love the blue-brown pigment,You shld try it on a black base, OMG it shows its true colour and the dual colour effect was amazing,perfect for a night out!thanks again

Sisa said...

Hey Beautyqueen,

thank u soooooooo much. I luv all of your collection OMG
Yeh you're right, satin taupe is such a pretty color, I use it frequently.
I got a new purple today - Satellite Dreams. Wonder you don't have it?

big hug

Camilla said...

Thank you for posting pics of the eyeshadows! I am going to the States this summer for the first time and I am hoping to get me so of the e/s I heard a lot of names of the eyeshadows you posted here but never got to see the real picture of them (the computer generated one on MAC sit aint the same :) ). Could you tell me how much is one eyeshadow palette? Thanks in advance!

Lady Lostris said...

Thanks for the very helpful pictures! Nice collection ya got there =)

XINAR0X said...

Thanks gurlies! :)

Ashpardesi: I love that combo!!

Sisa: I will get that purple eventually lol...

Camilla: I don't know USA prices but it's $14.50 CDN so it will be around that price. Probably $12ish...not sure. Go to any Mac store not the counters.

Aisha said...

hi! i love ur collection! i have a lot of the same neutral shadows as u..i just wanted to make a recommendation...i just recently got smut eyeshadow and i LOVE's like my favorite shadow ever! i think it's exclusive to mac freestanding stores only..i picked it up b/c i saw an MA use satin taupe and smut to together and look was amazing...the look is on the mac website..i just thought i'd let u know!

Sisa said...

Yeah just get that Satellite Dreams, it looks gorgeous!

Fiza said...

i loved watchin ur eyeshadow n i actually even bought some of the colors u said like cranberry n i have to say its AMAZING

Stephanie said...

I just stumbled across your blog. This really helps a mac newbie choose some colors!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!


Anonymous said...

Wow! The pro store gave you enough pigment to press? That really isn't fair. Seems like you can just get those samples instead of buying, not so that you can decide. Do they give samples of their regular pan eyeshadow? People will sell anything on eBay, especially MAC.

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