Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My LiL' Hello Kitty Haul! :)

I was at the mall yesterday (Tues) at around 8:30ish and walked by Mac and saw that they already had the new Hello Kitty collection out. I grabbed 2 items...I thought that would be it for me. :S

Then I went out again downtown with my gorgeous BBF Joolee.
She does amazing looks but she doesn't really do much YT make-up tutorials/hauls videos. Since we always go shopping together, we practically get many of the same things! YAY!

So today I was totally a victim of "peer pressure." LOL Yes...she was the one who "emphasized" that the eyeshadow palettes were limited edition and they don't have all the colours in the permanent line (Which is so true!). She was actually talking about the "Too Dolly" palette (one with the pink eyeshadow). The other palette didn't attract us as much. The lipglosses were sheer just like Creamsheen to me. I already had two so I didn't bother getting anymore. My favourite would have been "Mimmy" lipgloss but I have similar shades too. Also, you cannot wear these lipglosses alone on top of my kind of pigmented lips. These are meant to be worn over lipsticks. I didn't bother with the two blushes either since I have many similar shades.


Cute-ster Lipstick : (Lustre) Peachy pink pearly neutral colour. I really wanted Marquise D' lipstick from the BBR collection but I went too late and all were sold out and I didn't feel like buying anything online either. :( So this made up for it! YAY! This also reminds me of Viva Glam V lipstick. Although, I'm not a big fan of so sheer - lustre lipsticks...I make exceptions for particular lipsticks. I also prefer Lavender Whip lipstick over Fashion Mews. It has much more colour. Again, I bought this mainly for the packaging.

Gosh...I'm loving neutral lustre lipsticks these days.....

Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder: Soft Coral Peachy Powder. I can't use this as a blush since it doesn't have much colour payoff but more of a blending powder during contour/blush/highlight. The MA actually just put it all over my face and set I can easily use this to set my foundation too. Of course, I mainly got it for the cute packaging!

YES!....I got the...

Too Dolly Eyeshadow Palette
I applied this on without any primer and the flash took away the colour too! :(
These colours are really unique and since the palettes are limited edition, I had to grab one! :)

I got Mac pigment samples again. Milk pigment is from the Hello Kitty collection. Deep Blue Green pigment is actually from the permanent line. I also got Reflects Pink glitter, but it's lost somewhere. lol

I really wanted that lil Hello Kitty dollie but it's too I'd rather go to Chinatown and get a real Hello Kitty doll (the real white one...not the evil looking black Mac one...JK) ...but then again many would disagree and say this is different....It's MAC!

Also, I would love to get that brush holder. It's so cute! I didn't like the three brushes in it. I was looking at all three and they look very different from the original 187, 239 and 109. Obviously none of them were dense enough. The 239 was so big and fluffy, while the original one is thinner and silky smooth. The 109 brush didn't even look like the original one. It wasn't dense at all. I can't imagine using it for foundation would be horrible!

Now, I shall calmly wait for the Grand Duo blush/msfs!!! :D


kawaii619 said...

That's funny how you swore you were only gonna get 2 things but ended up with more stuff =P I'm planning on getting 2 things (probably a lipstick and too dolly palette) as well, but I think I might get tempted to buy more lol. GREAT HAUL! =)

Hanif said...

Amazing Blog . . .

Please Vist

garage.glamour. said...

I got my hello kitty stuff too!!

pinkjavu said...

im getting those pigments they look nice u know MUAs in canada are much nicer than the ones here in the states. look at the amount of product they giv u! im jealous lol

XINAR0X said...

kawaii619:I know I couldn't resist! lol

Garage.glamour: YAY!! That's awesome!

pink javu: No hun.. :( some MAs suck big even here...I just go to the pro store since they know me and they seem much nicer...

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