Saturday, February 14, 2009




I had to go to the mall with my aunt today and we both ended up going to Mac. YAY!

I didn't really have any plans on buying anything but I was reading good reviews on Hello Kitty's Pink Fish Tinted Lip Conditioner and my good buddy Sanam suggested it.... so I bought that one. I also got Shy Girl Cremesheen lipstick (yes, another nude).

At the store, I tried on the lip conditioner with a lipbrush wand since using fingers would be messy. I was stunned by the pigmentation of this lip conditoner. Since, I do have pigmented lips, I can't just use my fingers and put a thin layer then the colour won't show up that easily. It was suggested that you use a lipbrush and have almost the same amount as one lipgloss application on it.

It smelled SO GOOD too. DELICIOUS! OMG! It was AMAZING! It almost looked liked I had lipstick on. In the past, I tried many tinted lip conditioners and they rarely showed any colour but this one was truly special. It felt very moisturizing (with SPF 15, we need the protection) and had a nude pink subtle sheen to it. I would say the consistency is "just like butter" CREAMY!

The packaging is SUPER CUTE! I know everybody will agree with me on this. NO DOUBT! I even love the box it came in with. Of course, I'll be keeping that too.

Again, the only drawback is the pot form (can be messy) but you can always carry a retractable lipbrush. If I "ever" get to finish this product, I would definitely purchase it again.

If you want just ONE product from the Hello Kitty collection then this is THE ONE!
It provides more pigmentation than the lipglosses and some may prefer it over the lipsticks too.

Also...some other swatches...


Addictd2Fashn said...

wow both of these look amazing on you!!! love them! yay for nudes!

☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

I'm pretty much addicted to nudes too which steered me away from Pink lips are pretty much pink but I powder them to neutralize the color. But Pink Fish looks so nice on your lips that I may need to go play with it again :D

ashpardesi said...

Wow,so you are slowly building your HK collection:)..I was actually thinking of gettin popster TLC,thinking that it will look good on our skin tone..pinkfish I thought was too barbie pink and I was doubting whether i can pull that another nude l/s?I was thinking of get half n half though:)..I am slowly beginning to like nudes after watching your FOTDs and vids:)

GiLiNG said...

pink fish looks pretty on u!

i got popster though, hehe.
but i also got shy girl & i'm lovin it ^_^

Sisa said...

Wow, I definately need it!!!
But I still have to wait about 2 Weeks til the HK collection is released in Germany...

ladyb said...

I just picked up the lip conditioner, and your post convinced me to do it =)

p.s. you were so right, it is the perrrfect productt!!

XINAR0X said...

Thanks ladiez...

Ash: I love nudes! lol Popster is much more corally so it will be fine for us and it's pretty pigmented.

Sisa: Aww...I hope you get your goodies!

ladyb: That's awesome! I'm glad you liked it.

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

I love Pink Fish...I'm thinking of purchasing another one before it sells

babyjanny said...

oooh, love it on you! heard a lot of awesome things about pink fish.. i gotta go cop that too :DDD

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