Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Review: Nars Brightening Serum


Note: NC 42/43 Skintone

Does this really work?

On a cold winter day, I start my day by applying a moisturizer and then the brightening serum. Then apply a primer and the rest of my make-up. It does brighten up my skin and leaves my skin glowing. It wakes up my dull skin and gives a opalescence sheen. It has a nice fresh scent with citrus in it. Hence, the main ingredient in most skin lightening products is citrus oil and many recommend citrus orange oil for brightening uneven skintones. This product also contains it.

During the summer, I would put on this serum alone because it works as a light moisturizer too. I have combination skin but I know this product works for all skin types. I felt very refreshed on those summer days with the serum on. I would simply put on concealer and some powder as my base makeup and then do the rest of my eye make-up. I love the fact that it doesn't clog up pores or feel greasy at all.

I love the packaging of this product. It's quite stylish and I love the pump function. It is very tightly sealed and compact as well so no air can enter. Therefore, it will last for a long time. It states that it will expire in 12 months so I guess I'm sure I can finish it in one year since you only need a tiny amount for your entire face and neck. A little goes a long way! I like the packaging so much, I dont think I will throw away the bottle when I'm done with it. :p YAY!

1. The price. It's quite expensive. About $61.oo USD. I bought it for $90.00CDN from Holt Renfrew (Canada).
2. People may find this product to be too liquidy.
3. The pink opalescence sheen. It has a tiny bit of sparkle in it and it may be annoying to people as well. Many tend to mix it with their moisturizer so the sparkles fade.

For a cheaper alternative, people can try products that contains citrus orange oil.

Overall Rating: 4/5
Price [Value]: 3/5
Packaging Quality: 5/5
Would I buy this product again? Maybe


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