Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Nars Blush Collection with Swatches

NC 42/43 Skintone


pia said...

HI! Im using NC 42 too. I'm actually searching online on blogs and found yours! I want to buy a NARS blush and I have never tried it before. I know everybody raves about Orgasm but I'm not sure if it will show/work for my skin. Most blushes would look kinda ashy. I recently bought Pose in cream at MAC and it looks ashy after awhile. I just want a natural flush, like after u ran or " got busy" LOL..IM not a fan of a lot of shimmer. I hope you can help! Thanks!

(from your pics, torrid looks good)

XINAR0X said...

Hey Pia!

Sorry for replying back so very late.
I suggest either Nar's Deep Throat or Torrid blush. Don't worry these won't be ashy at all. I never liked cream blushes as much especially Mac ones because they apply so thickly. The Mac cream bases are good though and glide on well. Try Mac blushes like Peaches or Style for a warm peachy coloured look.

ricquetta said...

Hi Xina um..Did you by any chance happen to pick any new Nars blushes after this post. I would love to see a video or a post on it. I am going to order 4 nars blushes gilda,gina,torrid and outlaw as well as a cargo one in rome. But before that I want to see how it will look on you...or any new ones that might intrest me.


XINAR0X said...

Hey Ricquetta!

Well...I did get Taos, Crazed, Madly and Albatross but I never got to post them.

For Nars blushes and with our skintone I would suggest...
-Orgasm (You can use a cream base for this to show up on you more)
-Crazed isn't bad's a bit similar to Mac's new Duo blush called Grand Duo. (I just went to the pro store and they had them out already $27 OMG so expensive)
-Taos is similar to Merrily Mineralize blush and also similar to Mac's new Duo blush called Intenso.

Although, I don't have Cargo Rome blush right now I still do LOVE this shade. I will get it later on.

Gilda is matte orangey pink and Gina is a matte orangey peach.
These aren't really must haves. You should get these last. Not so necessary...these are more for neutral looks I guess for office use.

XINAR0X said...

Madly doesn't show up as much. It's a neutral colour with shimmer in it.

Albatross reminds me of Vanilla pigment.

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