Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Mac Blush Collection with Swatches

Swatched on NC 42/43 Skintone


Sisa said...

Did you ever user Azalea and how did it look?
I am a little bit scared about that kind of blush, I always think I look kinda cheap when I put them on. I have a very similar color in my Zoeva Blush Palette (they have exactly the same like Coastal Scents) but I just tried it out one time and it looked pretty hilarious ;) maybe I do something wrong...

XINAR0X said...

Sisa: I know the colour is super bright and looks scary but use a stippling brush when you're putting it on. It's not that bad. I dont use it that often it's not my favourite lol

SephoraMAC said...

Thanks for doing these swatches.
Very helpful. I know what to get myself now at MAC :D

zahara said...

hi , Ive got the same colour ,and it looks great when applied very lightly with a light fan brush.By the way, how th e hushabye colour on your skin tone? planning on getting it, love purplish shades, but wonder how it will look?

zahara said...

its a gorgeous coloue when applied very lightly with a fan brush.

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