Friday, January 30, 2009

My Lush Haul

After seeing so many good reviews on LUSH (fresh handmade soaps and cosmetics with natural ingredients) on Youtube, I just had to get a couple of their items. :)

The price of these soaps depends on the weight. So if you just want a tiny chunk then they would cut it up for you and weight it how it is at "bulk style" stores.

I know this looks weird! LOL Like a ROCK! It's really a cleanser soap called Coalface Cleanser. It's pretty raved about and it's meant for oily skin. I have normal/combination skin. I mostly get oily around the Tzone and nose area and then dry all around. So I just took t his one. The sales lady did recommend me other ones for combination but I read from reviews that other soaps leaves your skin greasy. :S

So before I slept yesterday I started my skincare routine with this product. I really hate the smell of this. It's really a gross smell when you sniff the soap I guess I'll just lather it in my hands first and then put it on my face. It's not that bad once you get used to the smell, it's milder when applied with fingers and it does remove dirt well.

This is the Tea Tree Water Toner.
(Tea tree and grapefruit detoxifying facial spritzer)
This is what I used second and it's not bad. It took away any left over dirt and oily from my face.

This was the last thing I put on. It's the Imperialis Moisturizer.
This is to moisturize, condition ad tone combination skin. It made my skin feel soft and moisturized. Although, in the morning my face felt a bit oily. I guess I'll just use it as a night cream instead of under makeup. It might be too greasy under makeup who knos...but I'll try that way as well.

This is called Mask of Magnaminty Cleanser. It's really a mask. I'll try this product out soon.

These were samples I had asked for.
Ocean Salt Cleanser : This is a scrub that's really raved about. I'll probably buy this after I'm doing using my mask.
Ultrabland Cleanser: The sales lady told me this is mostly used for removing makeup.

Let's see how these products work for me in the next 2-3 weeks. I might review on them too.

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jooLee said...

i want!! next time we go u can teach me about all the products

Sisa said...

I don't really like lush.
I got a soap from them, that was okay. And a compact shampoo, it was also okay but my hair got oily very fast after washing. And that effect I can get by cheap shampoos, too. lol

ricquetta said...

hhee nice haul! i wouldn't know how the other stuff you got works but i like the tea tree water for the lightness and cause it doesn't have strong intense feeling toners normally give. Tell me what you think +)

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