Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Hair Colour!

So everyone's been asking me about my hair's the story with my hair and how you can "try" to achieve the same colour! :D

So when I enter a salon...this is what I ask for:

Base Colour: Red and Violet Mixed
Highlights: Foil Thin Blonde Highlights which are toned down with a toner. This is good for my skintone complexion since chunky blonde streaks would not look too good. It would be too drastic and thin blondes will look more natural and would blend into your hair.

In the picture below you can see the highlights are only partial which is only at the top part of my head. The hair at the bottom is just one colour. (Red and Violet mixed)

This is what they exactly do at the salon. First they foil thin blonde highlights in my hair. This time they only did the top portion so it's called "partial highlights"'s really your choice if you want to put highlights on your entire head. Who knos...I may get it next
So they left the foils in. Then they applied the base colour (red and violet mixed) entirely to the rest of my hair. Then wait for about 20 minutes. Later, with the foils still on....they would wash my entire hair to get the colour dye out first so that there is no bleeding into my foiled blonde hair. Then they would take off the foils and give it another wash. At this time, they would put the toner on my hair and leave it there for about 10 minutes. This will allow my blonde highlights be more toned down and not so drastic. Finally, they would give it a final wash and go off to blow dry and style my hair! :D

My hair is naturally wavy with layered haircut and so whatever wavy hair you see in my's simply by taking some curling cream or mouuse and scrunching it up with my fingers and letting it air dry.

Note: I have my hair blow dried straight in the pic below.

(Excuse the fobby pyjamas)

Hope this helped!


Sisa said...

What is your natural hair colour/ how was your hair colour before you did this colouring?

Addictd2Fashn said...

i like your fobby pjs!
& why violet?
im a coloring/dyeing addict..but i stay away from reds & orange (any brassy) shades..
i do highlights in the summer & full color in the fall haha im crazy!
which is why my hairs thinning :(
argh i want blonde highlights again but idk if i should get it on a base or brown?

Janet said...

I like your haircolor, i think i will take your picture to my hairstylist and ask him to do my hair like that

XINAR0X said...

Sisa: I am the typical black haired girl. lol

Addictd2Fashn: Aww thnx! lol Yeh the violet and red mix is a hot colour! I will be doing my roots soon...friggin lady didnt do a good job with it as much last time so I'll go back and get the roots done..its so nasty when the black shows up and contrasts with the highlights...ewww

If you ever want blonde...get it on brown as base colour! :D

Janet: Thanks hun...yeh you should! I think this combo looks amazing on my kinda skin tones. :)

Janet said...

I hope so, my own haicolor is dark brown but I always do it Black in the winter and red in the summer. Time for something else...
Right now it's an ugly mix of black brown and red. But im thinking of something else.. I tought of purple since that's my fav color. But i think my boss will kill me ...

Sisa said...

I really would like to try this out, but I'll wait a few years, ha ha... last year I did some blonde on my hair and they really died! When they were wet, I could stretch them like gum... it was horrible... so I'll stay on dark hair for a while... actually it's a dark brown with some mahagony reflexions.... it's ok.
But I really like your color.

ricquetta said...

where did you get your hair done i mean, the did a really good job tailoring to your requests :) Ive only colored my hair once (streaks) but i didn't like it so i am keeping my natural hair color, but i am thinking of trying the all natural henna hair coloring from LUSH

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