Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Coloured My Hair Again!

(I know my hair looks crazy.....I used my fingers to scrunch up some mousse in my hair in these pics...)

(Note: The camera picked up a lighter colour because of the flash but in person its VERY DARK)

My roots were showing a lot and so I had to colour it again. I went much darker this's basically the same thing but WAY DARKER!

Red/violet mixed base colour with very thin blonde partial highlights that were VERY toned down! That's my favourite hair combination. I would have preferred it to be a bit lighter though...maybe I'll get my bright highlights back in the summer again. I miss them already. :(

I might get a haircut soon...probably just a trim. I'm trying to grow my hair LONG!! :D


Sisa said...

Hey Beauty!
It looks very, very good! Even if it's darker as on the pics, I believe it's not too dark. It fits you very nice. I like it and maybe I'll try it out, too.

Btw: My favourite look in you is that from the fall pics... with red highlights, looks soooo nice

Big hug

Mevish said...

it lookss gawjuss

ricquetta said...

ooo sexy sexy baby

Celly Annabelle said...

oh I love it.
I wish I can easily fix my hair up with just mouse.
I'll look like a brillo pad.

Anonymous said...

Hey I absolutely love it! I'm actually as cosmetologist! Do you know what level the hair color is? It looks like or 4 or 5 but I'm not positive! This looks amazing on you

Anonymous said...

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