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Concealing Dark Under Eye Circles - Women of Colour Friendly

Why do we get dark circles under our eyes? There are numerous reasons behind this.
Some causes may be from stress, aging, lack of sleep, poor diet, vitamin deficiency, genetics, allergies or cigarette smoking. There are many natural organic treatments to help lighten the areas. Such as cucumber and lemon juices. However, in the meantime we always reach for the good old makeup concealer. There are many brands on the market.

These are the few I had tried on or own right now. My main concern was to find a concealer that brightened up my under eye areas and did not go into the fine lines as much.

Time Balm Concealer:

This product is pretty raved about. It's basically a cream consistency pot concealer. Only reason I had to return this was because it was not a good colour match for me. However, I loved it because you can even wear it to bed since it works as an eye cream as well. Also, after a few hours it would settle into the fine lines.

Mac Studio Finish Spf 35 Concealer:

This was my first concealer ever. NW 35. A cream concealer. I really wanted to cover up my dark under eye circles so I decided to get this. This did cover up my under eyes but it would eventually settle into my fine lines and appear as wrinkles. It's just too thick! So I realized there's no point in getting thick cream concealers and better to try a liquid one. Now, I'm just trying to finish it by really heating it up between my fingers and applying it. I don't see myself purchasing this one again.

Mac Select Cover-Up Concealer:

This was my second Mac concealer. It's in liquid form. I like it better than the pot one. I used NW 35. It matched me quite well and it was not thick at all. Only drawback was, it eventually faded throughout the day and did go into my fine lines as much. I started using Urban Decay Primer Potion under my eyes before the concealer and it's pretty good and there isn't much creasing either.

Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer:

I just bought this concealer recently after sampling it many times. It's very expensive so I had to make sure that I'm making a wise purchase. This concealer is in liquid form and I love the consistency. It's super pigmented and since it dries fast it doesn't get to settle into the fine lines. I also learn t that it's best to use your fingers instead of using a brush when concealing. The heat makes the concealer sink into your skin instead of just staying there. Only drawback was that I had to use two colours to get the perfect match for me. Basically, I had to buy two tubes of this. :( I wished they had more shades. Plus, it's just too expensive!!! $36 Cdn EACH!

I'm still trying to find the best concealer for me. I need something with the consistency of MUFE's Full Cover Concealer and the correct colour for me in one tube. But for now, I'm happy with mixing products to get my correct shade.


princess052091 said...

Its so weird that I am nc42 like you and use studio finish concealer nw35 but still my dark circles are not covered. Maybe next time I will try mac cover up or makeupforever. I heard that lorac double feauture is also good.

Amber said...

It's the same for me !
Almost nothing is covered with MAC NW35 :(

You used MUFE products :
- HD Primer Microperfecting Primer n°6 (yellow) as a base
- a mix-up of FULL COVER - Extreme Camouflage Cream n°10 + 12

It looks extremely good covered on you !
So even if it's expensive, it works !!! :)

Amber said...

I have questions...

- Isn't the yellow base make your skintone too much yellow ?
I guess not...I just want to be sure, sorry !

- Are your dark circles covered all day long ?

I use Giogio Armani concealer in the morning and at 18.00, they are no more covered :(

I don't use a black pencil for eyes until I don't find the best way to covered my black circles (by the way, I think we are from the same ethnicity).

I notice that you don't seem to have this problem...

Sorry for my bad english, I'm a French-speaker :3

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